Jim Edmonds’ Mistress Identified With Old Mugshot, Meghan King Edmonds Responds

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More information is rolling in regarding Jim Edmonds and his affair with the alleged “baseball madam.” The husband of The Real Housewives of Orange County alum, Meghan King Edmonds, made news last week after lewd text messages and videos were leaked, revealing an inappropriate relationship between him and the mystery woman. Now, that woman has been officially identified as Jennifer McFelia Villegas, thanks to Us Weekly.

Jim admitted to sending the messages and video to Jennifer while Meghan was pregnant with their twin boys in 2018. The former Bravolebrity spoke out about the embarrassing relationship on her personal blog, admitting she wasn’t sure whether to trust her husband when he claimed things had never gotten physical between him and his mistress.

Now that Jennifer has been identified, with an old mugshot at that, Meghan is speaking out yet again to Us Weekly.

“I only blame my husband for his actions: he made the choice to betray my trust and jeopardize our marriage,” Meghan said. “His recklessness also allowed this woman to profit from my heartbreak — but now that her name is out there, she won’t be able to shake down any other families as I rebuild mine.”

Jennifer, on the other hand, gave a statement to All About The Tea, who originally broke the cheating story. Jim’s mistress claimed she never blackmailed anyone, an accusation Meghan threw her way in a voice recording revealed during last week’s drama.

Mugshot of Jennifer Villegas in 2012
Featured image credit: Gwinett County Sheriff's Office

“I want to make a few things very clear — I never set anyone up, blackmailed anyone nor have I attempted to ruin anyone’s family. All my relationships have involved two consenting adults. I made a poor decision to enter a relationship with a married man, and for that I am sorry,” Jeniffer admitted.

Along with the reveal of her name this week, Jennifer’s history with the law has also come to light. The only photo used to identify the “baseball madam” is a mugshot from a 2012 arrest in Georgia, where she was charged with driving under the influence. A separate incident with Jennifer was also dug up after she was accused of leaving her infant daughter unattended in her car a few years back. Jennifer was required to serve a year of probation, and complete life skills and parenting classes.

An anonymous former baseball player also spoke to Us Weekly and revealed he was contacted by Jennifer on Instagram in 2016. The source claimed he “fell for it” when it came to her advances, and also noted that other players had as well. The mystery man also said Jennifer was relentless in contacting him after he broke off their relationship and threated harassment charges against her.

At this time, Meghan and Jim appear to be working on their marriage and have not separated.