Matthew Perry’s Response To Swollen & ‘Disheveled’ Pictures Couldn’t Be More Epic

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It’s been less than 48 hours since Matthew Perry was photographed looking worryingly unkempt. The Friends star was snapped by The Daily Mail on June 19. Photos showed the Chandler Bing actor caught-off-guard in stained clothing, which the newspaper dubbed “disheveled.” Most concerning for fans was visible swelling around the 49-year-old’s hands – his fingers were red and bulging and his nails appeared long and somewhat yellowed.

There’s been an update.

Perry has taken to Twitter to respond. It’s hilarious, epic, and going down particularly well with fans.

“I’m getting a manicure this morning. That’s okay right? I mean it says man right in the word.”

Matthew’s tweet now comes flooded with responses. Countless users couldn’t help but throw in GIFs of the actor’s sitcom character – many seemed to have picked scenes showing Bing in awkward, funny, or effeminate situations. One user referenced other characters in the show.

“Manicure with Rachel? Better not find Janice’s nails,” they wrote.

Others simply praised the comedic star for his wit.

“This is the BEST comeback. We all love and miss you!” one fan tweeted back.

As The Daily Mail reported, Perry’s New York City street appearance was his first in two years. Unlike co-stars Jennifer Aniston or Courteney Cox, the actor has been lying low.

Given some of the responses to Perry’s tweet, it would appear that certain fans were angered – many users slammed the media for exploiting the actor’s appearance with seemingly little knowledge of what he might be going through.

“Tell them to F off Matthew. Preach about mental health all day long yet print venomous headlines without knowing any background to what that person lives with day in day out. Pure scum the lot of them. Sending love and best wishes x,” one user tweeted.

This much-loved television face is known for having battled his health throughout the years. In 2000, Perry lost approximately 20 pounds due to pancreatitis. His substance abuse has been documented – Matthew has spoken out about relying on alcohol and opiates. The star has also spoken out about his stints in rehab. Earlier this year, Matthew took to Twitter regarding his mental health treatment. The tweet (seen above) launched concern.

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He’s so frantic!

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Matthew catapulted to fame in 1994 when Friends hit screens — his on-screen character, Chandler Bing, quickly became legendary. Fans loved Chandler’s quippy one-liners, epic sarcasm, and on-point delivery, and as Netflix streams the series, a new generation is enjoying this iconic 90s show. Given Matthew’s latest Twitter activity, it seems the man behind Chandler Bing is just as funny.