Police Called To British PM Candidate Boris Johnson's Home For Domestic Disturbance

Hours after a landslide victory which could put him in the Prime Minister's seat, Boris Johnson had the London police at the house he shares with his girlfriend, Carrie Symonds after neighbors heard a loud argument.

The Daily Mail says that Johnson's neighbors called the police after they heard a woman shouting "get off me" and "get out of my flat." In their calls, they confirmed that Johnson, 55, and Symonds, 31, share the flat, and the domestic disturbance was recorded, with the Tory frontrunner yelling "get off my f***ing laptop" before a loud crashing noise could be heard.

There were already questions being asked about Johnson's relationship with Symonds because of the way it started. The politician left his second wife to be with his current girlfriend, who he has expressed interest in marrying.

But their neighbor, Earl McDermott said he was walking past the house and heard yelling and glasses being smashed.

"It was a proper tear up. Glasses being smashed, screaming and a lot of arguing. I was walking past Johnson's house and you could hear it coming from the top floor. I thought someone was being murdered."
Another neighbor was concerned and started recording the disturbance on their smartphone after calling the police.
She added that Symonds was yelling "get out," and then they heard a crash which made the house shake.

Scotland Yard initially told the media that they had no record of the disturbance, but after being given the case number and hearing the recording given by the homeowners to The Guardian, they confirmed that they had visited the residence after midnight.

Many were surprised that the pro-Brexit Boris Johnson was still in the political mix after he split with his second wife in September. They split after she reportedly found out he was cheating, says The Daily Beast. The headlines in September read "Bonking Boris Booted Out" after Marina Wheeler kicked the politician out of their shared home, causing concern in his Tory party.

Another scandal is rocking Johnson after he was asked by the media how many children he has, says MSN. Johnson has four children with his estranged wife, Wheeler, but in 2013 it was revealed that he had a fifth child after an affair with art consultant Helen Macintyre.

Despite the politician's efforts to keep the birth of his youngest daughter a secret, saying that it was a private matter, the Court of Appeal ruled that the public did have the right to know about it.