WWE News: Stephanie McMahon Actually Comments On All Elite Wrestling


For many years, there has been no true competition to step up and challenge WWE in the world of professional wrestling. There have been alternatives, but no-one has ever really been able to come close to dethroning the giant. At the beginning of 2019, All Elite Wrestling became a reality and people truly think that there may finally be competition between rings yet again. But what does the McMahon family think about the new promotion?

While AEW is still less than a year old, they’ve already made some huge waves with the fans and with a roster that is very strong. A number of big names from WWE’s past have signed on and other great talents from around the world are mixing in well with them.

There are a lot of wrestling fans who are excited about what the future holds and they believe AEW won’t just offer an alternative to WWE, but true competition. So far, not a lot has been said from the McMahon family or anyone in the promotion, but it was only a matter of time.

WrestlingNews.co caught up with WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon at the airport, and she was asked specifically about All Elite Wrestling. Believe it or not, she didn’t shy away from the mention of another wrestling promotion and actually responded.

Jon Moxley faces off with Chris Jericho at "Double or Nothing."
Featured image credit: AEW

Stephanie wasn’t overly forthcoming about AEW, but she did agree that competition is good for the world of sports entertainment.

“You know…I think it’s going to force everybody to be the best that they can.”

Before walking off, Stephanie also answered a question about the XFL which begins play next year after the NFL season. She said she has no involvement with the league at this time, but she’s hoping it is a “huge success.”

Last month, The Inquisitr reported on WWE Co-President George Barrios being asked about AEW, and he didn’t say a whole lot about it. When asked if AEW would be competition for WWE, he proceeded to be a bit vague about things.

“The best comment I’ve ever heard was from Reed Hastings who said, ‘Sleep is competition.’ He nailed it. You are competing for people’s time. So, whether it’s Fortnite, the NBA, Kung Fu novels – we are fighting for people’s time.”

While it’s not expected that anyone in WWE would openly speak about All Elite Wrestling, there have been some shots taken here and there. Fans who saw the induction of D-Generation X into the WWE Hall of Fame heard a lot of subtle and rather blatant jokes made toward the new promotion.