Murder Suspect Brags Online About Stacks Of Money [Video]

Murder suspect Ammar Harris can be seen bragging about the “fast life” in a new YouTube video posted by the Las Vegas Police Department.

Harris, who is currently wanted for killing three people on the Las Vegas strip last week, can be seen flaunting $100 bills as he plays the “counting game.”

Yahoo News notes that the video is just one example being examined by police at the moment in order to understand the murder suspect’s character. Harris doesn’t incriminate himself in the video by saying how he came in possession of two bags full of $100 dollar bills but police say that the video may give insight into Harris’ lifestyle.

Police believe that Harris is a pimp in Las Vegas. He allegedly shot and killed Kenny Cherry while driving in a Range Rover with Tineessha Lashun Howard, a 22-year-old from Miami who has been arrested multiple times on prostitution charges. Tineesha is considered a “person of interest” in the case.

Harris hasn’t been convicted of running a prostitution ring but the video, along with several tweets attributed to Harris, suggest that the murder suspect had several girls working for him in Las Vegas.

One tweet reads: “There’s nothing wrong with paying for (sex)…as long as you paying one of my (women).”

In addition to killing Cherry, Harris is also wanted for the deaths of Michael Boldon and Sandra Sutton-Wasmund. Boldon and Wasmund were killed when Cherry’s car crashed into their taxi after the shooting.

Las Vegas Police Officer Bill Cassell said that the video of the murder suspect bragging was open for interpretation but said that he was confident that people would contact the department with leads. In addition to posting videos to YouTube, police are also posting Harris’ face on billboards urging people to call 911 if they see him.

Cassell told CBS: “I’m sure the widespread publicity, as well as the blatant, heinous nature of the crime, is motivating people to contact us.”