Cannibalism Chat Room Plot Exposed

A police officer accused of collaborating in an online cannibalism plot has been accused of conspiracy to kidnap, rape, torture, kill, and eat a woman he attended college with, as well as his wife.

On Wednesday, investigators read aloud dozens of internet chats which demonstrated participant plans to cook and consume human flesh.

Officer Gilberto Valle, the accused, discussed plans to cook and eat Andria Noble, a college acquaintance, in an email that stated, “I want her to experience being cooked alive … She’ll be trussed up like a turkey … She’ll be terrified, screaming and crying.”

The officer also wrote that the woman’s death would “definitely make the news,” and that the crime would have “plenty of suspects” due to Nobel’s career as a prosecutor.

The Columbus Dispatch reported that Nobel told prosecutors she was unaware of Valle’s violent disposition and that, during their time at the University of Maryland, Valle didn’t seem to be a disturbed individual.

Valle, 28, pleaded not guilty on Monday. If found guilty, he could face life in prison for conspiracy and the illegal use of a crime database to research victims.

FBI agent Corey Walsh has testified about chat room communications that Valle participated in last year with two other cannibalism-prone men, both of which represented themselves online as veterans of cannibalistic activities and offered to teach Valle “skills.”

In an email written in February 2012, Valle wrote, “It will be absolutely amazing to watch her come out of school and follow her without her knowing it … I will abduct her right out of her apartment, stuff her in a large piece of luggage.”

The jury, according to The Wall Street Journal, did not display any discernible emotions while the FBI agent read aloud the chats and emails that Valle wrote.

The accused, a six year police officer, was suspended from the NYPD following his arrest in October.

Valle’s wife, Kathleen Mangan-Valle, testified Monday that she also discovered chats and emails containing discussions about kidnapping, murder, and cannibalism on her husband’s computer and promptly left her husband, but not before bringing the couple’s 17-month-old daughter with her.

Did FBI agent Walsh stop a cannibalistic killer before he began claiming victims, or was this all part of some sadistic fantasy that Valle never intended to act on?