NFL's Le'Veon Bell Left Two Naked Women In Bed, Who Later Stole $500,000 In Jewelry

It was reported earlier this month, per The Inquisitr, that NFL running back Le'Veon Bell had had more than $500,000 worth of jewelry stolen from his Florida home by two women who he described as his girlfriends.

Now, additional details have been revealed about the bizarre crime.

Per TMZ, which obtained Bell's 911 call from the incident, the New York Jets running back called and told police that two women had stolen "clothes, shoes, money and my jewelry" from his house. Bell also told police, in newly public information, that both women were naked at the time that he left the house. They had asked Bell what they were wearing the last time he saw them, and the answer was nothing at all.

"Well, I had two girls in my house," Bell said on the call. "And I got up, and I did my normal routine to go to work out. So I left the workout for a couple hours. When I came back, they took my money, they took my watch, my jewelry, a couple more of my things of value out of my house."

Bell added that he had attempted to contact the two women, who he called his girlfriends, before he called the police. He also said that all told, the items stolen from him were worth around $1 million, including over a half million in jewelry.

The women are 23- and 21-years-old, Bell told the police; Bell is 27.

The lost jewelry in the robbery was described in an initial ESPN report last month as including "two gold chains with diamonds, a black panther pendant with black and white diamonds and a Rolex watch."

The investigation is ongoing, police told the site. The two women have not been publicly identified.

The robbery is not the first financial hit Bell has taken of late. The running back sat out the entire NFL season in 2018, following a multiyear contract dispute with his former team the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the team refused to either pay him the contract he wanted or trade him. Bell, in March, went on to sign a four-year, $52.5 million deal with the Jets. The contract, according to reports, was worth about what the Steelers had been offering prior to his yearlong holdout.

Bell's signing was said to be a matter that divided the Jets' front office, and the team's general manager, Mike Maccagnan, was fired last month and eventually replaced by former Philadelphia Eagles executive Joe Douglas.