Cardi B Indicted By Grand Jury Over Strip Club Brawl

Tommaso BoddiGetty Images

A grand jury in Queens has reportedly indicted Cardi B over a brawl that occurred at a New York strip club last year.

While the charges were not immediately known, TMZ reported that the singer faced several charges that included two felonies.

A source with knowledge of the case told ABC News that the indictment will not be unsealed until her arraignment, which is scheduled for Tuesday, June 25.

The case goes back to August when Cardi was arrested for allegedly ordering an attack on Angels Strip Club bartenders Jade and Baddie Gi. Cardi alleged that Jade slept with her husband, rapper Offset. The women claimed they were injured during an incident when Cardi’s people began throwing bottles and chairs. Cardi faced misdemeanor assault and reckless endangerment charges after the women pressed charges.

Documents obtained by Entertainment Tonight revealed that one of the women claimed that a drink allegedly thrown at her by someone belonging to Cardi’s entourage hit her in the face and caused burning, itching and temporary blindness.

The grand jury indicted the rapper on a total of 14 charges, with the two felony charges being attempted assault with intent to cause serious physical injury. TMZ reported that other charges include misdemeanor reckless endangerment, assault and criminal solicitation.

Cardi initially faced assault and reckless endangerment, but she rejected a plea deal from the Queens District Attorney’s office in October. Had she accepted the deal and plead guilty to to the charges, she would have needed to steer clear of trouble for quite some time, but she would not have faced jail time. However, since she rejected that deal, all bets are off.

Sources for the prosecution told TMZ last month that they chose to present the case to the grand jury because of information they discovered while conducting an investigation. They did not clarify what that information was.

After Cardi’s initial arrest, Joe Tacopina, attorney for one of the bartenders, said that Cardi was not above the law.

“She continues to threaten them and clearly thinks her celebrity status is going to get her out of this. But it doesn’t matter if her name is Cardi B or Carl B… if she commits violent assaults she will be brought to justice,” he said, per TMZ.

TMZ noted that Cardi did not appear too concerned because she made an appearance at the ASCAP Rhythm and Soul Music Awards in Beverly Hills with Offset on Thursday night, where she happened to win an award for Songwriter of the Year.