Leaked ‘Iron Man 3’ Poster Debuts Online In Hi-Res Glory

Remember the international Iron Man 3 poster that snuck its way into movie theaters, causing some fan to anxiously snap a picture of it and put it on Tumblr for the world to see? The official hi-res version made its way online today.

A clearer look at the poster shows Tony Stark rising out of the water (below his destroyed mansion from the trailer) sans-helmet, while various Iron Man suits take flight behind him. What we couldn’t see before is how battle-damaged Stark’s new Extremis-esque armor is: He’s missing huge chunks of his thought-controlled suit, but he looks ready for one hell of a fight anyway.

The poster also reveals other new suits of armor, which have up until now only existed on the concept page and in speculation. There’s no Hulkbuster suit on the poster, but the Deep Space armor is clearly seen in the background, along with a couple others that I can’t quite make out (but are definitely new).

Other fun Iron Man 3 news comes from MTV News, who sat down with series newcomer Rebecca Hall to talk about her part (which hasn’t gotten a lot of press up until this point). Director Shane Black described her as “the female Robert Downey Jr.,” but beyond that, we don’t know much about her part.

Responding to Black’s comment, Hall joked that she “can’t even come close to matching wits with [Downey Jr.] — but it was fun to try!”

“He’s a really brilliant improvisationalist,” she continued. “He’s incredibly quick-witted. Everything he brings to Tony Stark is him. Of course there’s all of the tradition from the comic books, the movie, and also the writing is brilliant, but there’s also a heavy dose of that character is Robert Downey Jr. He’s inspiring to work with and watch. He’s a force.”

Check out the hi-res international Iron Man 3 poster below, and let me know if you can make out any of those other armor suits.

Iron Man 3 international poster