‘Friends’ Star Matthew Perry Shocks In Swollen & ‘Disheveled’ Street Photos

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Friends fans are likely concerned – Matthew Perry has reportedly been looking unwell in recent photos, as his New York City street appearance yesterday was photographed by The Daily Mail. In its story, the newspaper referred to the Chandler Bing actor as “disheveled.”

The June 20 photos showed the 49-year-old in the Big Apple’s streets, as he wore a stained and somber wardrobe of blues and grays. More concerning, however, were the star’s hands –while Perry’s swollen fingers were visible from full-length shots alone, they were also shown zoomed in. The actor’s middle finger seemed particularly red and bulging, although his entire hand seemed puffy. His nails were also long and somewhat yellowed.

Matthew was also photographed unshaven. While graying hair is to be expected for a 49-year-old — and his co-star Matt LeBlanc is known for his silver fox look — something about Perry’s overall image was somewhat shocking. His facial expressions reportedly suggested some trouble. From the baggy sweatpants to the bloated hands, this wasn’t the Matthew that fans would easily recognize.

As The Daily Mail further reports, yesterday’s appearance marked the first for Perry in two years.

Fans quickly took to Twitter following the pictures. One Twitter user sent out a worrying tweet.

“Dear @Courteneycox @DavidSchwimmer @LisaKudrow. This picture is honestly so disturbing for me to see. Please just pick up the phone and call @MatthewPerry to check if he’s ok. Now more than ever #mentalhealth of our friends is so important #friends #helpmatthew”

Another fan emerged on Twitter to back the comedic icon, per their tweet.

“To all the people writing rot about Matthew Perry- You don’t know what the man has gone through and more importantly u have no idea how he has come out of it! The least you do is not call him ‘disheveled'”

Matthew’s health battles are well-documented. The star’s substance abuse issues were already present back when Friends was airing – fans noticed the star’s weight gain and loss between seasons. His 2000 weight loss was, however, due to pancreatitis. More recently, Matthew has tweeted about being forced to leave treatment, as seen above. In a 2018 tweet, Matthew told his fans that he had spent “three months in a hospital bed” for gastrointestinal perforation.

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While Matthew did not appear as overweight as he has in previous photos, his appearance yesterday does appear to have sparked both shock and concern.

Matthew’s co-stars Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox are currently making headlines for soaking up the sun on a beach break. Their names are also fronting media outlets as rumors of a Friends reboot sweep the online world. Aniston had recently told Ellen DeGeneres that she might be open to the big six joining forces for a reunion of the hit sitcom.