WWE News: CM Punk Asks WWE Fans Why They Spend Their Time On Something They ‘Hate’


Since leaving WWE in 2014 and effectively retiring from professional wrestling, CM Punk had done his best to put his past in the squared circle behind him. But even with his apparent cameo at a recent independent show in Wisconsin, Punk has made it clear repeatedly that he wants nothing more to do with the company where he gained mainstream recognition as a wrestler. That was once again the case when he took to Twitter this week to ask his followers why they keep supporting WWE despite their numerous complaints about its product.

As documented by Wrestling Inc., Punk had seemingly had enough of wrestling fans posting off-topic replies to his Twitter posts about movies and baseball and asking him about whether he plans to return to wrestling, or asking his opinion on recent wrestling trends. On Thursday, he raised this concern in a tweet, where he referenced how he decided to leave WWE partly because it was no longer fun for him to be in the ring.

“Since I can’t have fun and tweet about movies or baseball without you telling me about rasslin’, question for you: Why do you spend your time on something you hate?” Punk tweeted. “If it’s soooooo bad, leave it. I did. Works wonders. I look forward to the intelligent discourse.”

Shortly after the aforementioned post, Pittsburgh sportswriter Mike Asti tweeted a reply, explaining that people don’t go back to restaurants where they hate the food, but often don’t give up on wrestling “for some reason” even if they claim to hate the product so much. This prompted Punk to reply that this attitude is similar to someone watching the same movie they “hated last week” and doing so for multiple years on end.

When another fan told Punk that wrestling fans are passionate and tend to express hopes that “something that used to be epic will be that way again,” the former WWE Champion succinctly replied by comparing this mindset to “Stockholm syndrome.”

As further noted by Wrestling Inc., CM Punk’s latest social media swipes at WWE and its fans came shortly after he posted a cryptic tweet where he asked if it’s October yet. While a number of his followers interpreted the post as a reference to the premiere of upstart indy promotion All Elite Wrestling’s weekly show on TNT, Wrestling Inc. suggested that the 40-year-old wrestler-turned-MMA-fighter was most likely referring to MLB postseason play or the start of the 2019-20 NHL season, given his well-documented love for baseball and hockey.