Ben Simmons Likes A Kendall Jenner Instagram Post For The First Time Since Breakup

Craig BarrittGetty Images

During the months of rumors throughout the spring — that Ben Simmons and Kendall Jenner were no longer dating — one thing a lot of Bendall watchers kept track of was their social media interactions. That they were still following one another on Instagram, for instance, was seen by some as an argument that the couple was still together.

The couple officially called it quits in late May, per The Philadelphia Inquirer, after weeks in which the famous model was not seen at any of the NBA playoff games of Simmons’ team, the Philadelphia 76ers.

But Thursday, there was welcome news for Bendall shippers: For the first time since the breakup, Simmons liked one of Jenner’s Instagram photos.

Adam Hermann of Philly Voice appeared to be the first to notice that Simmons contributed a like to a sponsored content post Jenner made for the skin care brand, Proactiv. The post features Jenner standing in front of a mural in Brooklyn, N.Y., in order to promote an event the brand is holding there. The post was in honor of Acne Awareness Month.

Simmons was one of more than 1 million people to like the post.

Simmons and Jenner first dated last summer, during the NBA offseason, continuing a long tradition of women from the Kardashian family having high-profile relationships with NBA players. The two broke up for a time but were back together by the start of the season last fall, when Jenner started making regular, closely watched appearances in the crowd at Sixers games.

At first, some fans of the team registered their disapproval, with one fan even launching a petition asking Jenner to be banned from the arena. But she kept coming, and after a while, Sixers fans noticed that the team had a strong win-loss record in games in which Jenner was in the building.

The couple remained together and were spotted around the Philadelphia region throughout the winter, everywhere from restaurants to Drexel University basketball games to a housewares store in New Jersey.

Around the time the playoffs started in April, it was reported that Simmons wanted to maintain his focus for the team’s playoff run. Thus began several weeks of conflicting reports about the couple’s status, until the confirmation arrived in May that Bendall was no more, per The Inquisitr.

It’s unclear if Simmons’ like of the post was an accidental like, or a subtle plea for Jenner’s affection, or his expression of his love for skincare, or even of that particular Brooklyn mural.