Spoilers For Friday’s ‘General Hospital’: Shiloh Needles Alexis As Court Hearing Over Baby Begins

Coby Ryan McLaughlin films as Shiloh on 'General Hospital'
Todd Wawrychuk / ABC

Friday’s episode brings courtroom drama for viewers of General Hospital. Spoilers tease that Shiloh, Willow, Alexis, and Diane will all head to court for the baby-related hearing and tensions will be running high.

Despite everybody’s best efforts, Shiloh is feeling in control at this point as he thinks he is on the verge of finding his son and piecing his Dawn of Day empire back together again. Luckily, Willow has a full team of support, but General Hospital spoilers suggest that things will get complicated as this court hearing progresses.

SheKnows Soaps notes that Alexis will become rather annoyed with Shiloh during Friday’s show. Based on the sneak peek that teased the action ahead, it looks like Shiloh will approach Alexis and Diane as they stand together in the courtroom and he won’t hesitate to needle them.

At this point, Shiloh knows that Willow gave birth to a healthy baby boy at Mercy and he is hoping the court will force Willow to reveal details about where the baby is now. Diane is her lawyer, so of course, she is there in court.

What will Alexis’ excuse for being in court be? That’s not clear yet, but most would expect she would want to be careful to not let on that she represents the baby’s adoptive parents.

If Alexis does attend court as a representative for the adoptive parents, it seems that would be quite useful information for Shiloh to have. In addition, it’ll be interesting to see if Shiloh’s pit bull lawyer turns out to be anybody familiar to viewers. Diane noted that he’d hired someone aggressive and very good, but she didn’t share the lawyer’s name.


Alexis already has a deep distaste for Shiloh after what happened with Kristina. However, Soap Central details that this upcoming encounter will leave her feeling quite on edge.

What will happen during this court hearing? General Hospital spoilers signal that this baby storyline will continue for a while. Next week, Michael will help Jason in some way and Julian doubles down on protecting his loved ones. Diane will be trying to buy time in some sense, which could mean that she and Willow are dealt a blow in court that leaves them trying to stall to produce more information.

Chase makes an “unlikely arrest” next Tuesday, but it’s not known yet if this is connected to the Shiloh and Willow situation. All signs point toward this intense situation coming to a conclusion of some sort soon, but General Hospital spoilers indicate that it’ll continue over the course of the next few weeks at the very least.