June 20, 2019
Newly-Single Porsha Williams Wows In Black Dress, Instagram Can't Believe She Gave Birth Two Months Ago

Porsha Williams is making major headlines right now. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star has officially split from her fiancé Dennis McKinley, per E! News. Porsha unfollowing Dennis on Instagram amid his cheating rumors may have caused a stir, but the 37-year-old's body is up there with it. Porsha welcomed her baby daughter Pilar Jhena just two months ago.

Earlier today, Porsha took to Instagram. While she didn't include Pilar (and certainly not her ex), she did send out her fantastic post-baby body. Porsha had been snapped at the American Black Film Festival, and this star's red carpet appearances are becoming frequent. Looking classy and feminine, Porsha rocked up to the event in a flattering black dress with patterned flowers and green details. Porsha was fairly covered up, but her fans have been noticing her silhouette.

"You lost that weight quick. Looking good," one fan wrote.

"Looking good baby weight gone!" was another comment.

Porsha has been racking up the baby body comments. A fan responding to an Instagram picture of Porsha earlier this week mentioned a "snap back." Porsha appeared the embodiment of health today despite her breakup. Fans did, however, mention Dennis amid complimenting the star. One fan seemed keen to give advice, although their words didn't suggest having read the latest on the split.

"You look so elegant Porsha. Now that you're a Mom, I hope you tone it down with the provocative dressing. Dennis loves you & some of that should be for his eyes only. Your daughter will be watching your every move."
Many fans simply commented on the breakup news, though. Inquiries about the absence of Porsha's engagement ring manifested throughout the comments section. That said, disbelief at Porsha looking so good as a new mother was likewise present.

"You look awesome! Baby weight is crazy sometimes," one fan wrote.

Today seems to bring sad news. Porsha and Dennis lasted just eight months as an engaged couple. Porsha now finds herself as a single mother after just two months. Porsha does not, however, appear to have made any direct statements on Instagram regarding her recent split. E! News confirms that the couple is no more, though.

Porsha became engaged to Dennis on air. The romantic proposal was filmed on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. It came with a helicopter and all the romantic serenading in the world. While fans were likely gearing up for the couple's wedding, it looks like the event will be called off. Fortunately for Porsha though, fans are giving her post-baby body the major thumbs-up.