WWE News: Another Superstar Is The Victim Of Nude Photos And Racy Video Leaking Online


Back in 2017, there were a lot of celebrities who had their phones and computers hacked, with information being stolen. Not only was it information, but hackers stole numerous private photos and videos and posted them online for the entire world to see. Even though it has been quiet for a while, it’s still happening often, and yet another WWE superstar has become the latest victim.

Ricochet has only moved up to WWE’s main roster from NXT in the last few months, and he’s already making a very big name for himself. He was in a tag team match at WrestleMania 35, and he’s facing Samoa Joe for the U.S. Championship this Sunday night at Stomping Grounds.

As his momentum continues, there is always someone or something looking to get in his way, and this time, it’s not even in the ring.

Ringside News is reporting that someone has started targeting the private information of WWE superstars again, and unfortunately, it’s Ricochet this time. A number of nude photos of the superstar, along with a very graphic and NSFW video, have been making the social media rounds, and it does appear to be him.

While his face is never shown in any of them, Ricochet has been identified in the photos and video by his physique and tattoos.

Ricochet smiles in front of the "WrestleMania" banner on "Raw."
Featured image credit: WWE

The video and pics will not be posted here, but they are extremely Not Safe For Work. If you end up deciding to search for them online, they shouldn’t be too difficult to find, but just be warned that they’re graphic.

Many wrestling sites have confirmed that the male in the pictures and video is indeed Ricochet. Twitter user @TrevorBadger6 also chose to describe the leaked video in question and simplified it for everyone to understand exactly what was floating around on the Internet out there.

In 2017, a number of female WWE superstars dealt with leaks that tormented and embarrassed them on numerous occasions. Both Charlotte Flair and Paige were victims of their private devices being hacked, and nude photos and videos of the women were posted online for the world to view.

There has been no word from either Ricochet or WWE regarding this invasion of privacy, and whether anything will come from the leaks of the photos and video. Right now, Ricochet is focusing on his U.S. Championship match against Samoa Joe on Sunday, but this uninvited look into his private life has to be a distraction.