Rob Kardashian Bursts Back Into The Spotlight, Reportedly Has Plans For His Own Spinoff Show

Greg DohertyGetty Images

Rob Kardashian is ready to be in the limelight once again. The famously retiring father of one is bursting back on the scene with plans for his own spinoff show, a new clothing line, and a punishing new gym routine, according to Radar Online.

Rob has never been one to seek out the spotlight. Except for the occasional appearance on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and a brief stint on a reality show with his baby mama Blac Chyna, he has largely stayed off the screen, even going so far as to skip out on his sister’s wedding to avoid the cameras, according to TMZ.

But the birth of his daughter Dream has reportedly given the youngest Kardashian sibling a new look on life.

“Dream has given Rob a new lease on life and he really wants to live to see his daughter grow up,” an insider said.

Part of his comeback includes a new clothing line called Halfway Dead. The 32-year-old launched the skate brand with Nick Tershay, who founded Diamond Supply Co. on June 10, and much of it has already sold out. The line features t-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, tote bags, and candles.

According to Page Six, Tershay says that they came up with the name as a way to express the middle ground of life.

“What we wrote down is ‘Halfway Dead is the balance of all things: happy and sad, winning and losing, life and death.’ It’s your middle ground feeling, right? You’re not alive or dead,” he said.

Earlier this week, Rob took to his Twitter account to announce that he is getting back to the gym. He posted an image of his workout space to tell people that he was starting day one of his fitness routine.

“Rob has quit drinking and partying and he has let go of his bitter resentment against all of his family members. He figured if he can’t beat his sisters, then he should join them,” the insider said.

He’s also back with a brand new Instagram account. Rob was banned from the platform in 2017 after posting revenge porn of his ex Blac Chyna, so he has been missing from the site for some time. Now, his mother reportedly runs the account, according to a separate report from Page Six. But even though it isn’t Rob pushing the post button, it’s clear the clothing designer is ready to be in the public eye again.

According to an insider, Rob is “determined to take back the throne,” which Radar noted includes filming a new spinoff show of his own.