‘General Hospital’ Fans Believe That Tyler Christopher Dropped A Major Hint About Nikolas’ Return

Rick RowellABC Press

Fans of General Hospital have been waiting patiently for the return of Nicolas Cassadine. He supposedly died after being shot by Valentin and crashing through the window on Cassadine Island in 2016. However, his body was never found. That certainly left it wide open for his return someday. It looks like maybe now might be that time.

There have been plenty of rumors since Tyler Christopher left General Hospital due to failed contract negotiations three years ago. He ended up heading to Days of our Lives playing the role of Stefan DiMera but then left late last year due to personal reasons. Now the actor has taken to Twitter to give fans a little teaser about Nikolas. This supposedly strong hint has given them hope that he will be returning to the ABC soap very soon.

Out of the blue, Christopher related a silly story of someone finding Nik. Not only that, but he also mentions Emily’s twin sister, Rebecca Shaw.

“What? I heard somebody in Port Charles tripped over Nikolas and was like…heyyyyyyy…there…Nik. Hope they found him on a mega yacht in Monaco with Emily’s twin and not rummaging through the dumpster outside the Port Charles Grill.”

Many fans believe that he just dropped a major hint that he is returning to General Hospital. At least, they are hoping that he isn’t just teasing them. They have commented on how much he is missed, and they are ready for Nik to return to kick Valentin out of his mansion.

Tyler Christopher did thank fans back in April for acknowledging his 23-year journey on daytime television. It may have sounded like he was done with soaps at that point. He has some projects he has been working on since then. He currently has a new film coming soon called Max Winslow and the House of Secrets and has just launched a new business venture. However, he may not be too busy to make a return to his old stomping grounds.

According to a report in April by The Inquisitr, Tyler Christopher did say that if the timing was right and General Hospital wanted him back, then he would consider that option. The timing could certainly be right now.

Hayden Barnes is also returning to Port Charles this summer. After all, those two were married briefly. Could Natalia Livingston be reprising her role as Rebecca Shaw? There are so many questions that GH fans have after that suspicious tweet of his.

Keep checking back for more updates on whether Tyler Christopher really is returning to General Hospital. Valentin and the rest of Port Charles could be in for a major surprise.