Norwegian Bombshell Hilde Osland Stuns In Peach Booty Shorts & Sports Bra

Hilde Osland is racking up the Instagram fans for a reason. This Norwegian-Australian model is loved for her icy-blonde hair, cherubic features, and killer body. Her June 20 update has sent the platform all three.

Earlier today, Hilde updated her account. She sent out five snaps, all showcasing the model's super-fit body. Hilde had opted out of her trademark lingerie, but she hadn't held back on flaunting her curves, as she wore a peach-colored sports bra and booty shorts getup in the new photos.

In the update, Hilde had been shot outdoors amid pebbles, sunshine, and water. Fans would likely argue that Hilde was bringing more to the table than the scenery, though. The blonde's tiny shorts were showcasing her curvy and toned rear, as well as her muscular thighs. Likewise enviable were Hilde's sculpted shoulders, arms, and back muscles – her top had cut-out criss-cross features across the back. A hint of sideboob enhanced Hilde's femininity, but this girl doesn't need cleavage to be girly. With her blonde locks looking luscious and her makeup on-point, the sensation looked at her best.

A simple caption has asked Hilde's fans to select their favorite look out of the five posted snaps.

"5 most sexy and attractive," one fan wrote.

While the fan didn't outline why the fifth snap was their favorite, another individual did.

"5, bc I get to see your face and full body, then 3 then the rest. But all are gorgeous," they wrote.

Many fans simply replied that all five of the pictures were doing it for them. The model was also called a "goddess" and praised for her hair.

Hilde comes with a unique edge. Her itsy-bitsy underwear choices might not differ from those of her peers, but her signature finish does. Void of raunchy or suggestive vibes, Osland brings a freshness to her updates that's rarely seen amid Instagram's underwear faces. An update from this beauty will throw out sensuality, but innocence is up there with it.While this model's Instagram doesn't exclusively have her showing off lingerie and swimwear, a significant proportion of her feed is dedicated to it. Hilde's sexy bra and panties snaps occasionally push the boundaries with racy reds, but her preferred palettes seem to be whites or pastels. Given that the colors complement her angelic features and hair, it's of little surprise why Hilde opts for them.

Today's snaps had racked up over 16,000 likes within just one hour of going live, with over 400 comments posted by her fans. Hilde has 1.3 million Instagram followers.