Justin Hartley Teases Mystery Mom In Season 4 Of 'This Is Us'

Lucille Barilla

Justin Hartley teased a mystery woman in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly that could seriously impact the life of his character Kevin Pearson on the hit series This Is Us. Could this character be related to the new hire the show made of Once Upon a Time star Jennifer Morrison?

In the revealing interview, Hartley touched on some of the core storylines and cliffhangers the show has touched on during Season 3, including the introduction of Kevin's son in the season finale. The actor is thrilled to be able to play out this intriguing storyline for not only fans of the series but himself as well.

"The storyline around this kid and Kevin's future and where he is now and where he's going is definitely a bigger story than where we found him in the pilot and where he is now. Most of his story has [yet] to be told."

The television star also questioned how Kevin could have a child, or perhaps even more than one. The actor called the concept of his character not being in the final scenes of the last episode of the season a chance for him to play out a "wide open" and "amazing" storyline moving forward, as it leads to questions about what Kevin's future will hold since it was revealed he had a son. Hartley also revealed that there could be a chance he and his son's mother could potentially still be together by the time the last scenes roll out, as well as the chance he could still somehow be involved with former love Sophie and if she could be the mother of his son.

This is Us clearly has a lot of emotional ground to cover for the characters in the next three seasons. Although series creator Dan Fogelman revealed that Season 4 of the series will contain "restarts" for all the characters as well as a "very scary period" for some of them, Hartley was tight-lipped about what he knows about the forthcoming series of episodes.