Cardi B Brags About Roses As Nude Lesbian Video Takes Off Big Time On Instagram

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Cardi B posted an Instagram story today that had her raving about a bunch of roses someone sent to her. Perhaps the array of beautiful flowers was a gift to the rapper because she had survived being sequestered in a New York court yesterday.

There, she pleaded not guilty to an alleged strip club attack at the Angels Gentleman’s Club in Queens, New York, in which she was said to have gone after two bartenders, one of whom reportedly was trying to sleep with Cardi’s husband, Offset, according to The Guardian. This alleged altercation and other suspicious circumstances are said to have happened in 2018.

“Queens County acting district attorney John Ryan said that Cardi B and Jackson-Morel co-ordinated attacks on 15 and 29 August 2018 over social media, and allegedly discussed a financial exchange for carrying them out.”

Cardi B rejected a plea deal in April, and now she can end up in prison for as long as four years.

But the confident performer proclaimed, “I ain’t going to jail,” during last week’s Los Angeles performance. Her attorney also seemed confident that this will be the case when the parties reconvene in September.

Meanwhile, Cardi has been busy cooking up an X-rated video called “Press” that she posted on Instagram today. As The Inquisitr reported, in the film she showed herself totally naked as she performed lesbian acts. Obviously, the “Money Bag” rapper was not in the least shy when she became intimate with not one, but two other women.

Also in the music video, the 26-year-old phenom showed herself making a courtroom appearance, a scene apparently partially taken from her real life. In it, a bunch of angry people fiercely stared at Cardi as they all pointed their fingers at her. Then, the same people ended up running out of the courtroom, some of them falling dead on the ground outside.

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Although that offering was not only racy but gory, Cardi B does put up posts that are not NSFW. One she offered on Instagram on Tuesday showed her wearing a Burberry jumpsuit that wasn’t off the charts as far as body flaunting is concerned — although the outfit did show off this performer’s amazing curves.

Cardi’s long legs were on show even though her feet very firmly planted in over-the-knee red suede boots. Her long hair was worn down and stick straight as she walked along a path surrounded by a lot of luscious greenery.

When all is said and done, this chart-topper does not seem to ever be afraid of controversy. That said, Cardi B’s Instagram account is the perfect place to see and learn about what the busy celebrity is up to at any given time.