18-Year-Old Tarsha Whitmore Spreads Legs In 'Unreal' Thong Bikini On Thai Beach

Tarsha Whitmore may be young, but she's going places. The 18-year-old Australian is now a hit Instagram sensation – her 470,000-strong following is climbing by the day.

On June 19, Tarsha updated her account. A stunning beach snap showed the model directly on the sand in Phuket, Thailand. While the backdrop of lapping ocean waters and distant greenery ticked boxes on the scenery front, fans are likely being drawn to the model in the foreground. Tarsha had planted herself on the shores in nothing but a tiny purple bikini – the eye-popping snap confirmed the briefs to be a thong.

With her back to the camera, Tarsha sat facing the bay. Her toned and bronzed legs were spread in front of her. Her eyes were, however, directly piercing the camera – Tarsha had turned her head to face the lens. The model sent her fans a fierce gaze, a sultry vibe, and somewhat of a candid feel.

Given that Instagram adores vacation snaps, today's post has been proving popular. Likely a contributor, though, is Tarsha featuring in it. Her super-curvy frame was taking up most of the photo and her thong-clad rear was unmissable.

Fans have been leaving comments.

"UNREAL," one wrote.

"Yessss that lwekkk" was another response.

Tarsha's vacation seems to have mixed business and pleasure. While the pros of sunshine and beachfront lounging seem obvious, the work side is perhaps less evident. Tarsha's Thailand posts have mostly been sending out brand mentions. While today's post threw White Fox Boutique a shout-out, one made earlier this week mentioned another brand. Oh Polly was the clothing label Tarsha had chosen to collaborate with for another bikini snap (seen below).
The fight to make it as an Instagram influencer is intense. The platform might be overflowing with beautiful models, but not all make it to influencer status. Tarsha, however, comes with all the appeal in the world. This natural beauty is fit, curvy, photogenic, and very stylish.
White Fox Boutique may join the list of brands Tarsha will mention, but it looks like others are keen to get on-board with the model. Style One left Whitmore a note asking if she would "work" with them. Given, however, that the brand has less than 60 followers, Style One may be a touch too low-profile for Tarsha. The model has now made it to ambassador status with clothing label Oh Polly.

Today's update had racked up over 3,600 likes within 45 minutes of going live. Fans wishing to see more of Tarsha should follow her Instagram.