Spoilers For Thursday’s ‘General Hospital’: Willow Explains, Diane Questions Alexis, & Neil Confesses

Craig SjodinABC

Dawn of Day leader Shiloh thinks he’s got the upper hand when it comes to Willow and the drama playing out these days in Port Charles. However, the latest General Hospital spoilers suggest that the walls may soon start closing in on him. People are digging and making connections and there’s more of this coming during the episode airing on Thursday, June 19.

General Hospital spoilers teased that Willow would be making a confession and it came while talking to Michael. He confronted her about her father’s death in Beecher’s Corners and she was quite rattled to have the topic mentioned. She shook as she uttered to Michael that she’s the one who killed her father.

Luckily, it looks as if additional context will come soon on this. General Hospital spoilers from the sneak peek for Thursday’s show reveal that she’ll tell Michael that she had been in a position where she was forced to choose between her father and Dawn of Day.

Willow already talked to Chase about some of this, noting that her father was originally in Dawn of Day as well. As her mother Harmony grew closer to Shiloh, Willow’s father pulled away and was pushed out of DOD. Willow was pushed into Shiloh’s Trust by Harmony and soon Willow’s father Douglas was found dead of a supposed drug overdose.

Margaux and Jason discussed the possibility that Shiloh was actually responsible for this drug overdose and soon Jason will head to Beecher’s Corners to do some digging. General Hospital spoilers hint that as Willow continues to talk to Michael, she’ll acknowledge that she feels as if she is the one who killed her father because she stayed with DOD instead of choosing him.

Willow is quite anxious about the upcoming hearing facing Shiloh. Diane admitted that they have their work cut out for them. General Hospital spoilers detail that Alexis and Diane will have a chat during the next episode, and Diane will have questions for her friend and colleague.

Both Alexis and Diane worked on this adoption placement, so the questions may be about that. Diane asks Alexis to admit she’s done some digging and it looks like Alexis will sheepishly admit she has. This could be about the adoption, but it also may be about Alexis digging into Neil’s personal life.

Alexis found that Neil had a wife and daughter at one point, but he got testy when she asked about them. Fans speculated that Harmony and Willow might have been his wife and daughter, but it seems as if this will all fit together in some other way.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Alexis will explain her actions to Diane. Whatever the topic is during this discussion, viewers will surely love the chance to see these two together again.

As Alexis faces questions, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Neil will open up to someone himself. He’ll admit that he’s starting to have feelings for a client of his, and it certainly seems as if he’s referring to Alexis.

Fans have been speculating since the day Neil first appeared that he would eventually be a love interest for Alexis. Neil recently tried to remind Alexis that they need to maintain boundaries in their relationship to ensure it stays professional. However, it seems like it’s just a matter of time before this changes.

What will Jason learn when he gets to Beecher’s Corners? How does Willow’s father factor into all of the current chaos regarding Shiloh and Wiley? General Hospital spoilers hint that things will get even wilder in the days ahead and fans are anxious for answers.