Jenna Jameson Sizzles, Flaunts Sultry Angles And 80-Pound Weight Loss, Shares Sweet Throwback Snaps Of Sons

Rob KimGetty Images

Former adult film star Jenna Jameson has created an entirely new life for herself after years of drama and she’s built a legion of fans who love to see what she’s doing as they lend their support. Jameson often posts selfies showing her current figure as she keeps followers updated on what has become an impressive 80-pound weight loss.

Jameson not only shares tips about how she has lost all of that weight, which she credits to sobriety and a keto diet. She also shares plenty of tricks for making one’s figure look as gorgeous as possible in photos. Jameson has talked about how important angles are, along with simple tips such as flexing muscles or standing in certain positions.

In Jameson’s latest Instagram post, she hypes the value of the right angles once again. Jameson wears a gorgeous, revealing burgundy bodysuit and lounging in her home as she snaps a couple of shots.

Jenna notes that depending on how she’s positioned, she can look quite tall or fairly petite. In the first photo in this post, Jameson has her legs elongated with one knee bent and her toes pointed. The position certainly does make her look very tall and slender and it gives off a sultry vibe.

Not only do Jenna’s legs look like they go on forever, but the cut of the bodysuit flaunts some of Jameson’s best assets. The scoop neck hugs her breasts and reveals plenty of cleavage while the bodysuit is also cut high on the hips to show off Jameson’s curves and slim waist.

The second photo in this post shows Jenna wearing the same thing, sitting in the same spot in her home in Hawaii. However, she is positioned differently and it’s clear that her aim was to show how much shorter she appears in a photo like this.

Jameson’s Instagram followers got a special treat this week in addition to this latest sexy shot. Fans are used to seeing plenty of her daughter Batel, but her older twin boys Jesse Jameson and Journey Jette are rarely seen. However, People details that Jameson posted a montage of snaps of the boys via her Instagram earlier this week.

Journey and Jesse are Jameson’s sons with her ex, Tito Ortiz. The twins are now 10 and live with Tito full-time. Jameson has acknowledged in the past that her sons have not yet met 2-year-old Batel, something that she hopes will change someday.

The montage, which was seemingly shared via her Instagram Stories, was a series of throwback photos showing Jameson with the twins when they were younger. Fans surely noticed the resemblance between the boys and their half-sister, as many of the snaps were from when Jesse and Journey were around Batel’s age.

Whether she’s posing for sexy selfies, sharing keto tips, or showcasing the life she’s now living, Jameson keeps her fans buzzing. She replies and interacts with them regularly and they are always anxious to see what she reveals next.