‘General Hospital’ Wednesday Spoilers: Josslyn Warns Lulu’s Burglar And Finn Needs To See Kevin

Craig SjodinABC

There is going to be a lot to take in with the June 19 episode of General Hospital. Spoilers have teased that developments related to Willow, Wiley, and Shiloh are ahead, but there will be action on other fronts too.

Viewers saw during Tuesday’s show that what seemed to be several separate storylines may be merging into one. Lulu has been working on a story about someone burglarizing homes after getting leads via a dating app. She has been hoping to pinpoint the person responsible, and it looked as if that was happening with how things were playing out on Tuesday.

At the same time, Josslyn was suddenly being watched by someone. Earlier in the week viewers saw that somebody was hovering outside the Corinthos compound and General Hospital spoilers had teased that she would soon be feeling rattled and suspicious. Not only that, but teasers had revealed that the teen Dev from Turkey would soon show up in Port Charles.

Now, fans have seen that Dev is the person who picked the lock and was ready to raid Lulu’s home while she was away. Josslyn walked in and saw him, and it certainly seemed as if he were the same person who had previously been watching Joss.

General Hospital spoilers via the sneak peek for Wednesday’s show indicate that Joss will be rattled, but she’ll quickly take action. She’ll warn Dev, whom she doesn’t know, that he’ll be in big trouble if her stepfather catches up to him. Of course, she has no idea that Sonny actually developed a soft spot for Dev while the teen helped him in Turkey.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Laura will have some questions for Finn. General Hospital spoilers share that he’ll seemingly express a need to chat with Kevin and Laura will be curious what this is about. This may be about Ryan and the kidney plot, but it looks like Finn will be hesitant to tell Laura very much about what’s on his mind.

The Inquisitr previously detailed that Wednesday’s show would also have baby swap developments. Jason will reach out to Sonny with an update, and this may be about Jason’s recent discussion with Margaux.

Margaux told Jason that she thought the death of Douglas Miller in Beecher’s Corners probably deserved another look. However, she was certain that the local police wouldn’t be of any help. The Inquisitr noted that this may well be Willow’s deceased father and it seems that Margaux suspects that Shiloh may have been responsible for the man’s death.

All signs point toward Jason heading to Beecher’s Corners to check into this, and he might run into trouble there. Before he makes the trip, though, it seems he’ll probably fill Sonny in on this situation.

Michael will make moves to help Willow in her efforts to protect Wiley from Shiloh while Chase will reassure his girlfriend that there’s an army of people keeping the baby safe. Willow is said to drop another bombshell secret of some sort during Wednesday’s show and fans will be anxious to see what that is.

General Hospital spoilers have hinted that things would really heat up this summer and that has definitely been the case already. Wednesday’s episode should cover a lot of ground and there is plenty more chaos coming in the days ahead.