8 Students Pass Gun Around At Elementary School

Eight students face serious disciplinary action after they reportedly passed a gun around their elementary school.

Ross Elementary School officials explained the students got the gun from a seven-year-old who brought it to school for Show and Tell. Police said the student brought the firearm with him to class in order to show it off to his friends.

According to NBC News, the weapon was found in the possession of a 10-year-old boy. The student was arrested by officers for carrying the gun.

Authorities explained that the gun being passed around by the eight students was loaded. Fortunately no one was injured as a result.

KAIT reports that some parents learned about the situation through a post on Facebook. DaSchunna Mallory said she was very concerned since the school didn’t bother to notify parents of the situation personally.

She said:

“I’m very distraught that I had to find out through Facebook. And it’s very disturbing to find out that it was a loaded gun and it was passed around. I know they have policies and procedures, but something more needs to be done to actually inform us.”

Parents were informed of the situation through a letter sent home to students. Ross Elementary School Principal Evette Smith said in the communication:

“We discovered that a student brought a firearm to school. Please be assured that school administrators located it very quickly, and that no students were injured. The Memphis Police Department was immediately dispatched. School administrators and Memphis Police Department will strictly discipline in accordance with the law and MCS board policy.”

The eight students who passed the gun around Ross Elementary School on Wednesday have been summons to appear in court over the situation. No additional details are currently available as of this writing. The school district has also refused to comment further on the matter.

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