Ashley Martson Hospitalized, Surgeons Have ‘Started An IV’

Mark SaglioccoGetty Images

Ashley Martson has been hospitalized. The 90 Day Fiance star might have been making major headlines on account of her rehab rumors of late, but her health is just as much of a concern.

As E! News reports on June 19, the reality star was admitted to a hospital yesterday following a Lupus flareup. Ashley spoke to the media outlet.

“I am dealing with a lupus flare-up and pyelonephritis. I also have a large cyst on my left ovary the surgeons are coming down to evaluate if they need to remove or not. They have started an IV of Levaquin and have me in morphine and Zofran.”

E! News further reports a source stating that Martson had been “quietly dealing” with the diagnosis of her autoimmune condition prior to being hospitalized. The source also stated the recent flareup to be directly related to the “extreme stress” Ashley is under.

“Things have been so intensely stressful for her that it’s made her sick to the point that she had to be rushed to the hospital,” they said.

Ashley has made headlines this week for slamming reports that she had been admitted to a rehab facility. As Pop Culture reports, the star had taken to her Instagram stories to set the record straight.

“If you all could stop reporting I’m in rehab, that would be great. It’s a women’s wellness retreat. I’m away for five days before cruising with my family,” she wrote.

Ashley does appear to have been under some strain of late. The reality face filed for divorce from her husband Jay Smith back in April. Pop Culture referenced allegations that Smith had cheated on her.

Ashley did, however, speak openly regarding her need for some time out. She referenced her troubled past – Ashley has been a victim of kidnapping and rape, per her words. The result appears to have left the TLC star in a permanent state of anxiety. She stated “always” being “in fight or flight mode.”

Martson has gone public with her Lupus battle. Earlier this year, she took to social media to outline the hardships of living with the condition. She outlined the “inflammation” caused by the disease, alongside the “pain and damage” it causes to the sufferer.

Lupus may not get much press, but other celebrities have spoken out about battling it. “Fetish” singer Selena Gomez suffers from it, and her physical state took a turn for the worse in 2017 when she had to undergo a full kidney transplant.

Fans are likely wishing Ashley the best.