Kim Kardashian Shows Off Perky Booty In Gym Snap

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Kim Kardashian seems dedicated to keeping her figure looking fabulous. On Wednesday, the celebrity shared a photo on Instagram that showed her in the gym appearing to get ready for a “heavy” workout. But before getting sweaty, she snapped a selfie to share with her 142 million followers.

In the photo, Kim was leaning on a piece of gym equipment wearing black gym clothes, fingerless gloves and white trainers. The angle of the shot emphasized Kim’s famous derriere. Apparently, the Keeping up with the Kardashians star has taken time away from the gym, but expressed that she missed it and was glad to be back.

It also looked like Melissa Alcantara, Kim’s personal trainer, was standing close by waiting for Kim to put the phone down and get serious.

As The Inquisitor previously reported, Alcantara works Kim pretty hard six days a week. Kim started training with Alcantara in February of last year after Kim reportedly found her on Instagram. Alcantara said that when Kim came to her, she told her she wanted more muscle.

As far as workouts go, Alcantara said they focus on working all parts of the body. Shoulders, biceps, triceps, chest and the back get plenty of attention and Kim works her legs three days a week. The reality star also does high intensity workouts or walking to get some cardio in.

Alcantara said Kim’s workout routines were grueling, and that Kim was a “workhorse.”

In an interview with In Style magazine, the Dominican trainer shared some of what she has learned over the years.

“I don’t believe in easy hacks especially when it comes to a healthy diet. I’m talking eating nutrition rather than obsessing over calories and exercise. There’s just no way around it,” she said, adding that obsessing about carbs can be unhealthy because the body needs them.

“Carbs are needed, and some people actually need a lot more carbs … But, I’m talking about real carbs like sweet potatoes and quinoa,” she said, pointing out that rice cakes and fiber crisps are not carbs, but processed food.

Alcantara reportedly went to Kim’s home and purged her pantry of processed foods like vanilla wafers, graham crackers and rice crispy treats, per E! News. Kim also called it a “crazy diet,” but it certainly looks like it is working because Kim has never looked better.

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