Prince William & Kate Middleton's Convoy Was 'Driving Too Fast,' Says Injured Woman's Family

The family of a London woman is speaking out after their mother, Irene Mayor, 83, of London, was hit by a member of Prince William and Kate Middleton's security detail who was on a motorcycle.

The Daily Mail reports that Mayor's family said she is in the hospital fighting for her life with a broken pelvis, two broken arms, a broken leg and a head injury as a result of being thrown into the air by the motorbike.

Witnesses say that Mayor was attempting to cross the road when she was clipped by a policeman on a motorcycle who was part of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's motorcade on its way to the Order of the Garter ceremony. Mayor was sent "spinning to the ground" when a royal protection officer, reportedly driving on the wrong side of the road, clipped her with his side mirror.

Joyce Shore, 86, the sister of the victim, said that the royal protection officers who accompany the royals drive too fast.

"The police outriders have to slow down. My sister is lying in a hospital bed and she could have been killed. She could so easily have been killed."
Prince William and Kate Middleton have expressed concern about the condition of Mayor.
Several witnesses say that the driver of the motorcycle was not driving fast, but was on the wrong side of the road when Mrs. Mayor was struck. An air ambulance arrived quickly, but was unable to land, meaning that 40 minutes had passed before the victim could be taken to the hospital, reports a witness.

Pictures taken of the aftermath show a white motorcycle on its side near the crosswalk where Mayor was attempting to cross the street while heading to her home in East Sheen.

Prince William and Kate Middleton did not witness the accident, but have asked to be kept up to date on Mrs. Mayor's condition, per The Inquisitr. The victim's daughter, Fiona, said that doctors are just trying to keep her mother comfortable at this time.

"She's got lots of injuries. They are just keeping her stable at the moment."
Scotland Yard's Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) is in charge of the investigation into the crash. This accident is the fourth involving the royal family in the last year, and it is being taken very seriously. Earlier this month, the Duke of Kent, 83, was involved in an accident, before that, Prince Philip, 98, rolled his Land Rover, and in November, someone on the Duchess of Wessex's detail crashed into a parked car.