Salma Hayek Goes Busty In Red Swimsuit While Chowing Down On Poolside Shrimp

Jeff SpicerGetty Images

Salma Hayek is as legendary for her Hollywood roles as she is for her womanly curves. The 52-year-old actress sent out her latest Instagram update. The June 17 snap came with a green poolside setting, plenty of food, and an eye-popping display of Salma’s world-famous assets.

The picture showed the Mexican-American indulging in some seafood. Salma sat on wooden garden furniture amid a swimming pool backdrop. Her table showed a full spread with platters of smoked salmon and other fish dishes that suggested a lunch situation. Salma herself was snapped with shrimp in her mouth. The actress was sending out a foodie vibe, but her super-revealing outfit was likewise sending out some major cleavage. Salma’s red swimsuit came thin-strapped, low-cut, and very busty. Black lettering on it matched the Frida star’s dark shades.

A caption mentioned Hayek’s Mexican origins. It also sent fans a reminder of how ladies from her heritage consume seafood. Fans appeared to have picked up on the caption, but many commented on Salma’s age-defying looks.

“How have you not aged in 25 years” was one of the most popular comments.

“U look beautiful and foods look delicious but tomorrow I am going to [sic] dietitian” was another reply.

The picture is, indeed, a feast for the eyes. Salma has thrown Instagram a designer edge via her Gucci swimsuit. She’s also thrown the platform its much-loved food trend. While poolside snaps on the social media site often come from celebrities much younger than Hayek, today is proving this 52-year-old can keep up with her younger peers.

Salma has spoken out about her age and looks. When British health club Holmes Place interviewed the star, it learned about her philosophies.

“I don’t dye [my hair] because I am curious to see how I am going to look with this. I am sure in the next movie they will say sorry you will have to dye it but I am enjoying watching them come in. I don’t have any Botox. Maybe later I will change my mind but for now, I am comfortable being fifty. I am comfortable in my own skin.”

Two years later, Hayek is still defying her age. She joins super-fit stars like Halle Berry and Jennifer Aniston in having hit the age of 50 and still looking incredibly young.

Salma’s mouthwatering update racked up over 480,000 likes within 16 hours of being posted. Salma has 10.4 million Instagram followers. Fans wishing to stay up to date with Salma should follow her account.