Instagram Model And Painter Cristina Szeifert Defends Claims She Isn’t Actually Painting Anything In Her Pics


Cristina Szeifert, who describes herself as a psychologist, artist, entrepreneur, and health and life coach on her Instagram account, has come under fire after fans noticed something unusual about her paint palette that is often on show in her Instagram pics depicting her artwork.

According to BuzzFeed, fans have accused Szeifert of not actually painting the pictures shown on her Instagram account after noticing the paint colors never change on one of her featured paint palettes.

Szeifert’s Instagram account has more than 33,000 followers and normally, fans are eagerly waiting to see new images of the Romanian influencer as she goes about her day to day business. While many images show Cristina posing in beautiful locations, there are also a lot of images showing her artwork. And, it is in several of these images that followers noticed that one of the paint palettes that Cristina regularly uses essentially remains the same from image to image.

“This artist frequently posts pics of herself ‘painting,’ but the paint palette never changes,” one Redditor posted with an image of three pictures from Cristina’s Instagram account showing the evidence of the paint palette.

The post on Reddit quickly blew up as other people commented on the images.

Many people were quick to point out that besides the palette never changing, Szeifert’s clothing and hair were always immaculate, indicating this was more proof that the artist was a fake. Although, as others point out, using acrylic paints can ruin your clothes and with that, considering her account, it seems logical for Szeifert to only show glamorous shots of herself.

As the furor continued, Cristina spoke to BuzzFeed regarding the allegations that she wasn’t the artist behind the painting shown on her Instagram account.

“I have on my phone videos from almost every painting I did,” Szeifert revealed, who also states that she graduated from art school in Timisoara, Romania, and has attended university to study psychology.

Cristina also insisted that she’s created “almost every painting” followers see on her account.

In addition, she also addressed the issue some had with her clothing and obviously staged appearance in the Instagram shots.

“I am a model, artist, psychologist, and a public person so my image is very important — of course, I don’t picture myself with dirty clothes.”

As for why she thinks that people are critical of her images, Cristina believes people are jealous of her talent.

Szeifert also addressed the fact that her paint palette is the same in several images.

“I paint with different things; sometimes I use the palette and sometimes I don’t. The pictures are done after the painting is complete and I was using the palette in my hand as a symbol of art.”