June 18, 2019
Amy Roloff Slams Ex Matt Roloff In New Book, Calling Him 'Strong' and 'Domineering' & Accusing Him Of Affair

Amy Roloff is holding nothing back in her new memoir.

As fans of Little People Big World know, Amy and her husband Matt Roloff called it quits in 2014, and their marriage woes played out on camera. Currently, the pair still live on the same property on their farm in Oregon, and they have each also moved on in their romantic lives. Matt moved on with ex-employee, Caryn Chandler, and Amy with real estate agent, Chris Marek. According to Radar Online, Amy isn't holding anything back when it comes to her relationship with Matt.

In the book titled A Little Me, the TLC star says that she felt her husband made her feel very small at times. After having some conversations with him, she tells readers that she felt "less than," though she isn't completely sure if Matt did it on purpose or if he just didn't realize that he was doing it at all.

"He may not have meant or realized how his words, businesslike attitude, and lack of compassion affected our relationship and me. But they did."
"His words stayed in my mind and played with my emotions, and I sometimes became intimidated by Matt with his strong and domineering personality," she continued. "I just didn't get the support and encouragement."And it didn't stop there. Amy also said that Matt made impulsive decisions when it came to how they ran their family business. When Amy came to him with an idea, he was often quick to shut her down. Additionally the mother of four dished that Matt was a bit controlling when it came to certain things, and he told her that she shouldn't trust the filming crew of their hit show because he believed that they were not trustworthy, only caring about producing the TV show rather than caring about the family.

So, all lines of family communication went through Matt, and that is how everyone in the Roloff family used to talk with show staffers. If Matt caught Amy talking to someone from the crew, he would get upset about it.

"I felt conflicted because he did it all the time. I wasn't sure what the issue was about me doing the same."
To make things even worse, Amy alleges that Matt and Caryn were having a relationship with one another before the two called it quits and filed for divorce. In another report from Radar Online, the outlet reports that Amy wrote that she realized that Matt and Caryn were more than just friends while the two were still married. Amy didn't confront Matt for several years, and this is one of the reasons why she says her bad attitude toward Matt came out on the show."I saw messages, pictures, and other things that should not have been shared between people who just worked together and were still married to other people," she wrote. "I was devastated."

So far, Matt has not commented on these allegations.