Spoilers For Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’: Jason Has News About Shiloh And Willow Has More Secrets To Reveal

Craig SjodinABC

There is more Dawn of Day action on the way with Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers detail that Jason will have some news for Sonny about Shiloh and Willow apparently isn’t done revealing secrets quite yet.

Shiloh is determined to find his son and that has a lot of people in Port Charles scrambling. Viewers watched as Brad had an unsettling conversation with Nelle at Pentonville, and she also crossed paths with both Ryan and Harmony. General Hospital spoilers suggest that those connections will become important soon, but in the meantime, the efforts to stonewall Shiloh continue in Port Charles.

According to Soap Central, Jason will end up receiving some essential information during Wednesday’s show. It won’t take him long to share what he has learned with Sonny, as the sneak peek for the June 19 show reveals that Jason will tell Sonny he’s got something that could help them with the Dawn of Day leader.

It’s not known yet what it is that Jason learns, but he won’t be the only one trying to find new avenues to disrupt Shiloh’s agenda. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Michael will be asking someone some questions too, with Carly by his side. Michael was with Willow when she was served with the subpoena from Shiloh and he’s determined to protect both Willow and Wiley.

Wednesday’s show also brings some sweet moments between Willow and Chase. He’ll do his best to reassure her that there’s a whole army of people coming together to protect Wiley. He’s right, but General Hospital spoilers hint that additional secrets will be causing new complications for this army.

Willow has been quite open with Chase, but it seems she has more shockers to reveal. SheKnows Soaps details that she will make a stunning confession of some nature during the next show, and it seems likely it’s Chase she’ll be with during this revelation.

Of course, viewers know that there are major developments in the works that will shake up everybody involved in this Wiley storyline. Wiley is really Jonah and Willow’s baby died, and only Brad and Nelle know the truth at this point.

All signs point toward this storyline getting more chaotic and complicated before it’s resolved. General Hospital spoilers detail that there will be some twists and turns revealed in the weeks ahead and fans are buzzing about what they think is on the horizon. This storyline has taken a long time to play out, but teasers suggest that at least some secrets connected to truth about the baby swap will come out soon.