Jose Vega Meza Arrested After Beheading Arizona Woman’s Dog, Admits To Killing Other Neighborhood Animals

Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

An Arizona neighborhood just received a disturbing shock.

Fox News reports that Jose Vega Meza was arrested for beheading his roommate’s dog. He was booked into jail Sunday and arrested on suspicion of two counts of animal cruelty and one count of misdemeanor assault ⁠— the latter stemming from an alleged attack on another inmate.

According to the Buckeye Police Department, Meza’s roommate initially noticed her dog was missing on Saturday. During her search, she saw Meza attempting to discreetly load a small box onto a moving truck. After confronting Meza, he smiled at the woman and began to laugh before she opened the box and discovered the gruesome sight of her mutilated, beheaded dog.

AZFamily reports that the woman was so distraught by the experience that she waited until Sunday to call the police⁠ — a day after she discovered the dog.

“The other day there was a girl walking out of that house, she was crying and screaming saying he did something,” said Victoria, a woman who lives in the area. “She had like 4 or 5 people outside trying to calm her down and she couldn’t calm down.”

Meza claims that he killed the dog because his roommate owes his mother rent money.

Not only that, the 21-year-old ⁠— who admitted to the crime when he was arrested ⁠— also confessed that he killed other animals in the neighborhood.

“I had a cat, she was black and white, and she used to go around everywhere–you know, across the street, over there, over there–so it could’ve been her too. He could’ve taken her into his yard and killed her,” Victoria said.

She added that two neighborhood cats came up missing two days ago, and suggested that her younger brothers and sisters are likely “wondering what happened to their cats and maybe that guy probably did something to my little brother and sister’s cat and that’s really horrible.”

According to other locals in the neighborhood, Meza typically keeps to himself. Lisa, another neighbor, suggests that none of the neighbors know Meza or anyone else who lives in the home very well, and even said she tries to keep her distance because they tend to cause noise and trouble.

Psychology Today reports that intentional animal torture and cruelty (IATC) can be the result of many things, including “artistic” sacrifice, underlying psychological disorders such as antisocial/psychopathic personality disorders, or due to sexually paraphilic disorders, such as crushing small animals for sexual pleasure. It is also sometimes used to control, coerce, and intimidate women and/or children.