Duck Dynasty: Kimmel’s Side [Video]

The cast of Duck Dynasty — the unlikely number one rated reality TV show — has responded to Morrissey’s tactful statement that they are “people who, in effect, amount to animal serial killers.” As James Johnson reported earlier, Morrissey canceled his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live at the very last moment Tuesday night when he found out that the Duck Dynasty crew would also be there.

The day before the scheduled appearance, Morrissey demanded that the wildly popular Duck Dynasty good old boys “be removed” — or he wouldn’t be playing on the show.

Jimmy Kimmel had an easy decision. He chose Duck Dynasty “because they have guns.”

It couldn’t have hurt that the hairy self-proclaimed rednecks of Duck Dynasty are rising stars. The Hollywood Reporter’s Lacey Rose reported that they had a record-smashing second season finale when the allegedly unscripted A&E show drew 6.5 million viewers. That final hour “was watched by 3.9 million adults 18-49, 3.8 million in the 25-54 demo and an impressive 2 million adults 18-34, making it the most-watched series telecast in A&E history,” Rose stated.

Tuesday night’s last-minute Kimmel cancellation allowed Morrissey to link his name in the press opposite the popular clan of duck call and other hunting product manufacturers. Kim LaCapria observed that, after the flurry of media attention, Morrissey announced some additional tour dates.

The brouhaha was especially well-timed because it came the day before last night’s widely anticipated third season premiere of Duck Dynasty.

Verne Gay, writing for Newsday, noted that “the show, while hardly sensitive to animal rights activists, doesn’t seem to glorify the act of killing ducks either. No — this is hunting. It happens in America, you may have heard. And the ducks are indeed eaten.”

On Tuesday night Jimmy Kimmel responded to Morrissey’s statement by pointing out that the Duck Dynasty cast members are really a bunch of nice guys. And to prove it, they’re offering a new product for the vegan “yuppies” out there:

I’m sorry, Morrissey, but the Duck Dynasty guys — and Jimmy Kimmel — make America laugh. Most of us don’t live by carrots alone.