Emily Ratajkowski Shakes Her Booty In Sexy, '80s-Inspired Video

Emily Ratajkowski seems to be having too much fun with Instagram these days. The model has been promoting her swimwear line, Inamorata Woman, on the social media platform with a variety of photos and videos. Some of the more interesting ones have captured an '80s theme. On Tuesday, she uploaded a video which she referred to as an '80s dream come true — complete with music and styles from the decade that ushered in Madonna and MTV.

Of course, Ratajkowski was promoting her swimwear. Fans of the Gone Girl actress will no doubt recognize some of the swimwear from her previous posts. However, what followers have not seen is new footage of the Instagram sensation modeling the pieces from her collection in '80s-themed scenes with humorous undertones.

In one scene of the video, Ratajkowski exercised with a dumbbell to the beat of a tune that sounded like it was taken straight from an old aerobics video that needed to stay in the '80s. In another portion of the video, the brunette bombshell shook her booty in a yellow string bikini and matching stilettos as she danced beside an old boom box. Another segment of the video showed the model riding an old upright exercise bicycle as she arched her back, threw her head back and struck a sexy pose. In yet another scene, the stood in front of an old arcade game while wearing a sexy yellow one-piece swimsuit.

While the model wore big hair, big jewelry and bright, heavy makeup, there was no denying that she was putting her fabulous figure on display.

Many of Ratajkowski's 23 million followers loved the video.

"Perfection," wrote one fan.

"'80s never looked so hot!!! I need that hairstyle," said another.

For one who exudes confidence, the Lying and Stealing actress said that she has days where she does not like what she sees in the mirror. In an interview with Elle magazine, she admitted that confidence was not how she looked in the mirror or even how she looked on Instagram — it was more of a feeling.The beauty also said that for women to feel their best, they should stop comparing themselves to one another, adding that people simply cannot be all the things they want to be all the time. She also said that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.
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