‘Playboy’ Model Sara Underwood Busts Out Of Lacy Red Lingerie

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

Often, you can spot a sponsored Instagram post from a mile away. There are many celebrities who seem to accept deals from just about anyone, and it just doesn’t seem authentic from them. Sara Underwood is a different story. The former Playboy model has formed a few partnerships over the years, including with online retailer Fashion Nova, but the promotional ads she shares with her followers always seem like images she would genuinely post.

Her latest Fashion Nova ad is the perfect example. Sara shared a picture of herself posing in high-waisted, lacy red underwear and a lacy bralette that she’s practically bursting out of. Many influencers might feel inclined to share the stunning lingerie while spreading out on a bed with luxurious sheets, but Sara set up a photo that was authentic for her own personal brand. While the lingerie she’s modeling is glam, her background is positively cozy.

She’s posing in a renovated truck cabin, in which several elements like the kitchen and closet were removed to create room for one comfortable bed. She has plenty of fairy lights that cast a warm glow around the space, bedding that looks totally cabin-appropriate, and wood paneling on the wall that lends a totally rustic vibe to the space. This particular post was sponsored by Fashion Nova, but you could definitely see Sara sharing something like this with her followers any day of the week.

Her fans loved the shot, commenting things like “absolutely gorgeous” and “very beautiful picture of you and what a beautiful room.”

Her partner in life and in cabin building, Jacob Witzling, also left a sweet remark.

“I’m having the time of my life with you, babe!”

Witzling, according to his Instagram page, is a second grade teacher who is on a sabbatical in order to pursue his passion project of building a community of cabins in a scenic area. He and Sara apparently bonded over their shared passions, and eventually, sparks flew.

Witzling chatted with Dwell back in 2018 about his cabins and the inspiration that is behind the construction of each unique space.

“I get my design inspiration from cabins of the past, from the world of fantasy both in movies and books, and in that childlike part of my imagination that I’m continually trying to preserve.”

In a photo shoot that featured several of his projects, you can see Sara present. It seems that the two have a devoted partnership, and you can even see a few more shots of Sara on Jacob’s page, where she acts as the model from time to time showcasing the cabin models.