WWE Rumors: Updates On The Futures Of Goldberg And The Undertaker After ‘Super ShowDown’


Almost two weeks ago, two iconic wrestling legends faced off at WWE Super ShowDown, and it was for the first time in their historic careers. The Undertaker and Goldberg started off really well in a match that was going nicely, but it soon took a turn that ended in a rather ugly fashion. After the problems that plagued that match, many have wondered about the futures of both superstars and if they will ever wrestle again.

The match itself really didn’t go badly for a while, but after the injury, fans in Saudi Arabia were treated to a bit of a mess. The final 10-12 minutes of the match have been talked about, ridiculed, and analyzed by millions around the world, but what exactly happened?

At one point in the match, Goldberg began bleeding profusely, and it was after he sprinted head-first into a ring post. When Goldberg came out for his ring entrance, he was already bleeding a little bit, which leads many to believe he did his signature door headbutt before entering the arena.

It has since been confirmed that Goldberg did suffer a concussion from that spot in the match with The Undertaker, and it made him lose almost all control. He was stumbling around the ring, tried an ugly-looking Jackhammer, and even landed on his head after a scary Tombstone.

After two years out of a ring, was this debacle of a return match the end of the line for Goldberg?

Goldberg spears The Undertaker during their match at WWE "Super ShowDown."
Featured image credit: WWE

PW Insider, by way of Ringside News, reports that the match against The Undertaker may not have been the final battle for Goldberg. Sure, he doesn’t necessarily need to ever wrestle again, but Mike Johnson believes that if the chance is there in the future, the former World Champion will take it.

The primary reason for one more match would be for him to be happy with the final result.

“I can [see] Goldberg wanting to come back and having at least one more match so he’s happy with the final bout. It sucks he got hurt against Undertaker, but I respect that he tried to will himself to give the audience what he wanted them to get.”

Once the match was over and he had cleared his head a little bit, Goldberg hopped on social media to let everyone know what happened. He admits that he had knocked himself out, but he focused on finishing the match for the fans.

As for The Undertaker and his future in professional wrestling or with WWE? He hasn’t yet given any word on if he is finally going to retire or come back for more, but he did like a very interesting comment left by a fan on an Instagram post.

There are numerous superstars on WWE’s roster and so many who could step it up in a big match on a major pay-per-view. Being in Saudi Arabia, it’s not shocking that the company wanted to present a major spectacle such as Goldberg vs. The Undertaker. After the way the match ended, we may not have seen the last of the two legends, but chances are strong that they won’t wrestle much more after it.