Bille Lee Responds On Twitter After Jax Taylor Suggests She's Been Fired Or Quit 'Vanderpump Rules'

Billie Lee is firing back after seeing that Jax Taylor shared an insensitive, and possibility incorrect, Twitter post about her future on Vanderpump Rules.

After Taylor told his fans and followers that Lee was no longer on the show and explained why he hadn't invited her to his and Brittany Cartwright's upcoming wedding, Lee shared a couple of tweets in response to his posts.

"Can someone tell Jax Taylor I'm not gay also gender identity and sexual orientation are two very different things," Lee wrote in her first tweet, which was in reference to a comment in which Taylor proclaimed that he invited every gay person he knew to the wedding, aside from Lee.

"The truth will come out soon. #TimesUp #TransIsBeautiful," Lee wrote in a second tweet.

As some may recall, the #TimesUp hashtag was started in response to the #MeToo movement, which was sparked by a number of women coming forward with claims of sexual assault. However, when it comes to Lee's use of the hashtag, it is hard to say what she's referring to.

It is also unclear whether Taylor's initial tweet about Lee no longer appearing on Vanderpump Rules is true. After all, he and Lee were never close and didn't film many episodes together before. So, when it comes to the future, it's hard to say if he and Lee would have any knowledge about the other's role on the show.

Lee was added to the Vanderpump Rules cast during Season 6 after getting a job at SUR Restaurant as a hostess. From there, Lee attempted to establish friendships with her co-stars but ultimately got on the bad side of many during Season 7 after lashing out at them for failing to include her in a cast event at the restaurant.

While Lee raised questions as to why the transgender girl would have been left out of the show, she insisted that she wasn't labeling her co-stars as transphobic.

Following the filming of Season 7, Lee lashed out at the series on Instagram and suggested she was not allowed to speak in the way that the others were.

"Let the minority speak!" Lee wrote, via TooFab. "Not one person of color, not one person of LGBTQ (besides myself and the host). You give her only five minutes, and you speak over her."

"When a minority is given a platform to explain herself and her experience, you should be silent and listen," she added.

Vanderpump Rules Season 8 will begin airing on Bravo TV sometime later this year.