‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers: Hannah Brown Faces An Eliminated Suitor After Overnights & A Ring Is Involved

Ed HerreraABC

Monday night, viewers watched as Hannah Brown chose to keep Luke Parker on The Bachelorette. Spoilers in the sneak peek at the end of the episode quickly generated a lot of buzz, with one specific tidbit going viral across social media. Now, spoiler king Reality Steve is adding some additional context to what supposedly goes down.

As The Inquisitr previously shared, the new sneak peek makes it look as if Hannah faces one of her eliminated contestants toward the end of filming and that he’s ready to propose. Host Chris Harrison tells Brown that someone wants to talk with her and that he bought a ring on his own and has it with him. This rattles Hannah, causing worries and tears.

Reality Steve has previously revealed that Luke will be eliminated during the overnight dates. Apparently, he isn’t ready to take “no” for an answer, and he shows up at or before the next rose ceremony.

After Monday’s episode, the gossip king said that he knew nothing about a ring being involved or an additional proposal. Now, however, he has some new details to share.

In his new blog post, Reality Steve says that this is all still related to Luke. His Bachelorette spoilers indicate that Chris is referring to Luke in this talk with Hannah, but that it’s not presented accurately.

The Bachelorette spoilers from Reality Steve indicate that viewers will not see Luke present a ring to Hannah at any point during all of this. In addition, he insists that Luke did not buy a ring on his own with intentions to propose to Hannah.

However, production supposedly does give Luke a ring heading into this situation where he wants to talk to Hannah after his elimination. They may have been hoping for a surprise proposal, and they appear to lead Hannah to think that’s what’s going to happen.

Ultimately, though, Reality Steve says that Luke never proposes. After talking with Hannah after his elimination, she still sends him home.

The Inquisitr just revealed that Reality Steve did make an enormous change in his Bachelorette spoilers about how Hannah’s season ends. Given that, fans may feel skeptical about other tidbits he’s detailed like this one. Viewers can likely expect ABC to keep teasing this situation in the episodes ahead, as they love to keep people guessing.

Will Hannah Brown’s season progress as Reality Steve’s spoilers note? The Bachelorette has a handful of episodes ahead before the ending is revealed, and fans cannot wait to see how it all turns out.