WWE Rumors: Third Superstar Could Be Added To ‘Raw’ Tag Team To Create A New Stable


There is a severe lack of stables in professional wrestling, and that is especially true in WWE. The New Day has been around for quite a long time, but others, such as The Shield and The Wyatt Family, never hung on for extended runs. Now, there are rumors flying that a brand new stable could be forming on Monday Night Raw thanks to how an off-camera promo went down last night.

Back in mid-April, WWE brought the War Raiders up from NXT during the Superstar Shake-Up, but they’ve been kind of in limbo since that time. As The Inquisitr reported, they’ve also undergone a number of name changes before the company finally settled on calling them The Viking Raiders and leaving it at that.

Now, there could be another change coming for the tag team, but this one wouldn’t be too bad or drastic. It appears as if WWE is thinking of adding a third member to the team and creating a sort of mini-stable to have on Monday Night Raw.

Before Raw began last night, WWE taped some matches for this week’s episode of Main Event. One had Sarah Logan taking on Dana Brooke in a match which resulted in “no contest” due to an injury suffered by Brooke, as reported by The Inquisitr.

Later in the night, Logan actually came back out before the live audience and cut a promo which never aired on TV. In that promo, she discussed being a “Viking” and said she was going to start doing some raiding of her own, as reported by Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet.

Some images also started making the rounds online, featuring her standing on the stage to deliver her promo. Sarah Logan can be seen wearing some very Viking-like attire while telling the fans about all of the raiding she was going to do.

While the promo did happen for the live crowd, the idea of her joining The Viking Raiders is pure speculation at this point. It would make sense for WWE to go in that direction, though, as Logan is married to Erik (Rowe), who is one of the members of the tag team.

As reported by the official website of WWE, the couple even had a Viking wedding back in December.

Sarah Logan has been without a lot of direction ever since The Riott Squad was officially split up in the WWE Superstar Shake-Up. Not only would this give her more of an angle to work with on Monday Night Raw, but it would create a very powerful and unique faction with The Viking Raiders.