Lamar Odom Was Reportedly ‘Surprised’ By Khloe Kardashian’s Support But Felt ‘So Good’ About It

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Lamar Odom has been receiving a ton of praise for his memoir, Darkness to Light, which was released back in March. While the amount of support from his fans and loved ones has been remarkable, there’s reportedly one person, in particular, he was incredibly pleased to hear from — his ex-wife, Khloe Kardashian. The reality star left some love for Odom’s book in the comments section of an Instagram post earlier this month. A source recently told HollywoodLife that Odom was “excited” to see Kardashian give him a public congratulations.

“Lamar was really, really nervous to see how the Kardashians would respond to his book coming out, but it made him feel so good for Khloe to put that out there,” the source said. “It honestly surprised him that she did that, but he’s so happy to be back in her good graces.”

The source added that her comment “made his day” and Odom hopes he can see her in person in the future.

Odom and Kardashian married in 2009 after just one month of dating. After several years filled with a few rocky points, including an alleged cheating scandal and Odom’s hospitalization after a drug overdose, the two split in 2016. However, Odom has recently been very transparent about his regrets for how he treated Kardashian and his hopes to someday win her back.

Kardashian showed her support for Odom in an Instagram post on June 14. The former NBA star shared an image of his book, which became the New York Times‘ No. 6 best-seller. In the caption, he thanked his friends, family, kids, publishing team, co-author, and publicist. He even gave Kardashian a shoutout.

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Wow don’t know where to begin. We did this! We made @nytimes best sellers list for my first book, Darkness To Light! What felt like a lifetime of writing and working on this project finally came to Light and I am grateful to YOU ALL! Your continued support and love is appreciated! It took a lot of courage for me to get so raw and candid with you all but I wanted you guys to get MY true story! I want to thank the best kids in the world @iamdestinyodom and Lamar Jr. ya’ll are my rock. Thanks for sticking with me during my hardest times. My true fans, my friends and family love ya’ll, @khloekardashian , @benbellabooks and my entire publishing team, my co-author Chris Palmer and last but not least the best publicist in the world @evesarkisyan for always doing your thing. #darknesstolight #nytimesbestseller

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“Your continued support and love is appreciated!” he said. “It took a lot of courage for me to get so raw and candid with you all but I wanted you guys to get MY true story!”

Khloe responded with a hearty “Congratulations Lammy!”

“Keep shining,” she added.

Odom’s tell-all book takes a deep dive into his former life filled with fame as an NBA world champion, drug abuse, a sex addiction, heavy drinking, and more. In its pages, he recounted his comatose time in the hospital after his overdose, the cheating allegations made against him, and his falling out with the Kardashian family, among other things. Of course, Odom couldn’t be certain how the Kardashians would react to his depiction of them in his novel. Now, he has the approval of the person he was most hopeful to hear from.