Daily Dose Of ‘General Hospital’: Peter Is Not So Surprised By His First-Ever Birthday Party

Craig SjodinABC Press

On Monday’s General Hospital, Peter August had a surprise party thrown by his new girl Maxie. However, he had already figured it out by the time he showed up to The Floating Rib where the party was being held. Maxie has been fretting for days as she wanted to plan the perfect birthday for him. After all, this was apparently his first-ever birthday celebration.

Peter August supposedly led a sheltered life up until he met Maxie. Growing up as Henrik Faison, the son of Port Charles’ most famous villain, Peter didn’t have much fun at all and his life wasn’t full of love like Maxie’s was. She was trying to show him what he means to her, and she wanted the surprise party to be perfect. Peter figured it all out after Maxie started going on at Kelly’s about him liking pie more than cake. As spoilers from SheKnows Soaps had indicated, Peter sought Mac Scorpio for help.

Peter said that he didn’t want a party thrown for him, but Mac took care of that quick. He reminded Peter that he needs to do it for Maxie because she wants to make him feel special. Peter conceded. Many General Hospital viewers are not big fans of Peter August. He came onto the scene to destroy Anna’s life and was blamed for Nathan’s death. Now that he is dating his brother’s widow, they are not happy about that. However, the writers are headstrong into pairing those two together, at least for now.

The scene where Peter tried to act surprised when he walked into The Floating Rib to his birthday party may have been a little awkward, but before that was a fun scene between him, Finn, and Mac. Finn walked into Kelly’s to “retrieve” Peter. He was supposed to suggest that he and Anna’s son go out to grab a bite to eat. Peter thought that was a great idea and said he would get them a table. Finn awkwardly told him that The Floating Rib may be a better choice. That’s when Peter finally let the cat out of the bag that he already knew about the surprise party.

The party was a success, despite the lack of people. In addition to Mac and Finn as guests, Felicia and Lulu were also there to help the birthday boy celebrate. The six of them drank beer and ate cake as Peter thanked them for caring about him. Maxie promised that there would be many more in the future.

Peter and Maxie may just be in this for the long haul, despite how fans feel about the pairing. Keep watching General Hospital to see if their relationship flourishes or if something gets in the way of their happiness.