Ashton Kutcher Not Involved In ‘Punk’d’ Reboot, Says ‘Hope They Get It Right’

Jason MerrittGetty Images

Ashton Kutcher’s career has gone through a lot of evolutions over the years. When he first started in the entertainment industry as Kelso on That ’70s Show, he was just an actor. Soon, he began exploring his passion for entrepreneurial ventures and the tech world, and he now balances countless different projects with ease.

One of the things he’s best known for in the entertainment world is the creation of Punk’d, a popular show on MTV that featured Kutcher and his team pranking various celebrities. The show became a huge hit, and Kutcher was a large part of that equation. So, when fans heard that there would be a reboot of the series, it would make sense that Kutcher would be involved in some capacity again — after all, he was the original creator.

As People reports, that’s not the case — Kutcher is not involved with the reboot at all.

In fact, as he tweeted, “I have nothing to do with the new punk’d situation. Hope they get it right.”

The decision to reboot the classic MTV hit is because the network signed a deal with a platform called Quibi and decided to use that deal to reboot both Punk’d and another formerly popular show, Singled Out.

Punk’d won’t be coming to network television, though. The platform is mobile-first, so they will be releasing an estimated 20 episodes that are less than 10 minutes long.

The reboot is happening over 15 years after the original debuted in 2003. While viewers who didn’t watch the original might assume that Kutcher would have only been able to get D-list celebrities to appear on the prank show, you’d be surprised. Celebrities who got “punk’d” included Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Hillary Duff, and many more.

While Kutcher is busy with his various ventures and probably isn’t giving the reboot much thought since he’s not involved, fans definitely have strong opinions about the decision. Many fans of Kutcher’s original prank show took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

One commented “how can they have Punk’d without Ashton?”

Others simply called the reboot “a bummer.”

Kutcher’s personality was definitely a key component in the original show, so it will be interesting to see how Quibi handles his absence.

Kutcher’s schedule is currently pretty busy, given that he’s starring on the Netflix show The Ranch in addition to all his projects outside the entertainment industry. Even though he’s not involved, perhaps whoever is involved with the reboot will make it a priority to feature him in at least one episode as a hat tip to the original series.