Walt Disney World Annual Pass Price Increases Go Into Effect – Some Massive Jumps

Danny Cox

Tuesday, June 18, is the morning that many have been waiting for as Walt Disney World released its 2020 vacation packages. Guests can now book up to 499 days out for their next big vacation to Central Florida, but there were some other changes as well. On this same morning, the prices of Walt Disney World annual passes were increased, and there were some pretty significant hikes on the majority of them.

It used to be that ticket price increases always happened in February for Walt Disney World, but times are changing. Now, price hikes appear to be a bit more sporadic and can even come a bit more often than how they used to arrive.

The last annual pass increase for WDW was in October of last year when parking and MagicBand prices went up as well. Now, it has been a mere eight months and Disney has jumped the prices yet again, but there were no increases on single-day or multi-day daily tickets to the parks.

The official website of Walt Disney World detailed all of the pricing on Tuesday morning, but due to high traffic on the site, it’s been difficult to log on. It’s time to break down all the new prices for WDW annual passes and one of them has even gone up a staggering $225.

Magic Kingdom at sunset in Walt Disney World.
Featured image credit: Danny Cox

First, let’s look at the annual passes which are available for all guests whether you live in Florida or out of state. The number in parentheses is the previous cost before Tuesday’s increase, and prices listed are pre-tax.

Platinum Plus Pass

  • $1,219 ($994)
  • Florida Residents: $999 ($849)

Platinum Pass

  • $1,119 ($894)
  • Florida Residents: $899 ($749)

Florida residents do also have the option of paying for their annual passes on a monthly payment plan. Out-of-state visitors will have to pay the full amount of their annual passes up front when purchasing.

The following passes are for Florida residents only and do include more stipulations, such as a larger number of block-out dates from the parks. Out-of-state (Florida) residents are not permitted to purchase these passes.


  • $699 ($609)


  • $519 ($479)

Theme Park Select

  • $439 (same)

Weekday Select

  • $349 ($319)

Epcot After 4 p.m.

  • $309 ($289)

Water Parks (Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach)

  • $139 ($130)

Water Parks After 2 p.m.

  • $89 ($79)

While some of the increases don’t seem too bad, others do come across as rather steep. The thing that many don’t realize is that while you may not be able to go 365 days a year to the Walt Disney World parks, that is what you’re paying for. It does all work out well for the guest when it comes to buying an annual pass, but it also will depend on just how much you plan on being in Central Florida as well.