Thomas Ravenel’s Ex-Girlfriend Supports ‘Southern Charm’ Star Kathryn Dennis In Court

Brianna StelloNBC Universal

Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis is getting support in court in her efforts to get full custody of her children with Thomas Ravenel, who is facing charges of assault filed by the family nanny. Ravenel’s former girlfriend filed a sworn affidavit with the court to share the troubling behavior, which caused her to break things off with the former politician.

Luzanne Otte felt obligated as a friend of the court — she is a lawyer herself with a degree from Notre Dame University and works in that capacity for the Catholic church — to share her experiences with Ravenel in an effort to bolster Kathryn’s argument that her ex’s behavior is unpredictable. The Blast obtained Otte’s sworn statement, which recalls her experiences with the former reality star, likening it to the “twilight zone.”

Otte, who had never met Dennis at the time, says that while she dated Ravenel, he constantly spoke ill of her and her family, saying that he “would be better off is she [Dennis] overdosed.” She also says that Ravenel shared that Dennis’ mother was suffering from breast cancer, and he wished death upon her too, saying “hopefully she will die soon.”

Otte says that she visited Charleston, and each evening Ravenel would drink alcohol, becoming impaired and unpredictable, and she noticed he had medications in his bathroom.

“Each of the days I was in Charleston, Thomas would drink alcohol at night. He had prescriptions for Adderall, Cialis and a sedative in his bathroom. Each night, Thomas would become impaired and his mood would quickly turn aggressive. I do not know if it was from drinking too much or whether he had an extreme reaction to alcohol combined with whatever medication he was taking.”

Otte says that Ravenel would lose his temper for no reason, even berating someone in the street who said hello to him. Despite having never met his neighbors, she says that Ravenel accused her of having sex with one of them. Otte says after that experience, she broke things off with him and returned home, thinking everything had ended, but months later, Ravenel and his new girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs, began harassing her online and otherwise.

Otte ended the affidavit by saying that she has nothing to gain by providing this testimony, and in fact, it will only spark up the pattern of harassment against her again.

“I have absolutely nothing to gain from providing this affidavit. If patterns hold, doing so will serve to exacerbate existing harassment. However, in light of the depraved statements that Thomas made about Kathryn Dennis and her Mother, I feel morally obligated to share the information.”

E! Online reported that during Ravenel’s on-again, off-again relationship with Jacobs, he also made accusations about her behavior, suggesting on social media that she needed professional help.

“I totally disavow this horrendous behavior and will have nothing to do with her. I begged her over and over to no avail. So hateful. Hope she gets help.”

Otte’s experiences with Ravenel seem to back up Kathryn Dennis’ filing for custody of her children after the former politician was arrested for assault. She claimed in that filing that Ravenel “has drunk alcohol to excess, mixed with prescription drugs, that has caused him to be impaired during periods of time in which he had custody of the children.”

The Inquisitr previously wrote that the Charleston County prosecutor has offered Ravenel a plea deal, with a deadline which has since passed.