‘Bachelorette’ Spoilers Tease Luke Parker Explosion, Hint An Eliminated Suitor Returns To Propose

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Viewers received quite the sneak peek at the end of Monday’s episode of The Bachelorette. Spoilers tease that there is a lot more drama to come with Hannah Brown and Luke Parker, but the preview everybody saw seemingly had some tricky editing incorporated.

As The Inquisitr previously noted, Luke won’t be eliminated for a while yet. Viewers have seen in previous sneak peeks that Hannah eventually explodes when someone questions whether she’s been intimate with others. Luckily for anxious fans, more context for that was shown at the end of Monday’s episode.

The Bachelorette spoilers have detailed that Hannah and Garrett Powell will go bungee jumping for a one-on-one and this is said to happen in Episode 6. The sneak peek teasing the chaos coming as the rest of the season plays out shows that Luke will not be happy about this. He’ll seemingly talk about how this date, where Hannah and Garrett were scantily-clad, was a slap in the face to him.

Luke is also shown saying that he needs to make sure that Hannah isn’t sleeping around. Some fans interpreted this as still connected to her date with Garrett. However, Luke is wearing a different shirt here and The Bachelorette spoilers suggest that this comes later in the season.

Later in the new preview, Hannah and Luke are shown having dinner together. He is wearing the same shirt as when he talks about making sure she’s not sleeping around, and during dinner, he will mention how the marriage bed needs to be kept pure.

Luke goes on to say that if he were to learn that Hannah had been intimate with one or more of the other guys there, he would want to go home. Early previews had teased how explosive this would get and as The Inquisitr noted, spoiler king Reality Steve had felt confident that this involved Luke and the couple’s overnight date in Greece.

Now it’s confirmed that it’s Luke who brings up the idea that Hannah may have slept with other suitors with the insinuation that he’ll think poorly of her for it. Reality Steve’s spoilers have noted that Parker’s date is the fourth and last one that Brown has while in Greece and what he says to her apparently will finally be enough for her to cut him loose at last.

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The preview even shows just enough to give the impression that Hannah sends Luke away at this point, with the limousine driving off and The Bachelorette even flipping the bird toward the vehicle with an angry look on her face. The flow of the preview leads some to think this happens during Episode 6. However, it doesn’t happen until the overnights down the road.

Apparently, that isn’t quite the end of this complicated pairing. The Bachelorette spoilers have teased that Luke will return one more time in hopes of talking to Hannah. Reality Steve’s spoilers have detailed that nothing changes after this conversation. That said, the preview seems to make it seem otherwise.

Toward the end of the preview, viewers see Chris Harrison telling Hannah that someone went and bought a ring on his own and has shown up ready to propose. This rattles Hannah intensely and she’s seen crying and noting that she doesn’t know what to do.

Is it Luke or someone else who supposedly shows up with a ring ready to propose? Reality Steve noted via Twitter that everybody has to remember that there is a lot of editing done with these previews that can significantly distort what really happened.

Reality Steve pointed out that during Colton’s season of The Bachelor, he was shown in a suit holding a ring box. However, that never actually happened during the season. The theory is that this was filmed as extra footage to be used as needed, and the show decided to use it to make people think there was a proposal coming when there wasn’t.

According to Reality Steve’s spoilers, nobody shows up with a surprise proposal for Hannah. Could he be wrong? It’s possible, and he has made errors with The Bachelorette spoilers before. This preview will surely cast a fair amount of doubt over the teasers he’s shared, and it’ll take a while yet before viewers get to see it all play out for themselves.

Despite all of this ongoing drama with Luke Parker, The Bachelorette spoilers have teased that Hannah Brown does find love with one of her suitors. Are Reality Steve’s teasers accurate and will there be a happy ending when the season wraps? Fans are certainly buzzing over this season and it’s clear there’s a lot more chaos on the way.

Update! As The Inquisitr just detailed, Reality Steve has shared some new information about this jaw-dropping sneak peek. It seems there is a ring involved in this chaos, but things don’t go quite as the preview suggests.