Kendall Jenner's CCTV Cleavage Snap Derails Instagram, 'Lord Have Mercy'

Up until today, Kendall Jenner hadn't sent out a regular Instagram update of herself since June 1. The supermodel did update with a throwback Father's Day snap yesterday, but it's been artsy ceilings and silence for most of the month. June 17 marks the 23-year-old's return to sharing up-to-date snaps of her sensational body.

Earlier today, Kendall updated her Instagram. The triple update had coherence from yellows, but the pictures were somewhat disjointed. While one showed a spilled coffee cup on a sofa (and the other showed Kendall sitting on the sofa), the buzz is likely accumulating on account of Kendall's first photo.

The snap in question showed the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star in an edgily-shot moment – Kendall was at a store counter. The picture of her appeared to have been taken by CCTV cameras. Standing with her hands on the counter's candy bars and looking behind her in a caught-off-guard moment, Kendall appeared to have been shot in a candid moment. The lofty cameras had taken in the model's super-clingy yellow dress – likewise, a hefty amount of her cleavage. With dark shades, heels, and a small shoulder bag, the Adidas model looked every inch the style queen during her awkward moment.

The picture came artistically adorned with a flower panel at the top. Fans are losing their minds over the girl at the counter rather than the flowers, though.

"Damn gurl you're hotter than cheetos," one fan wrote.

"Lord have mercy" was another comment.

One fan appeared a touch confused.

"WTF" they wrote.

Given that Kendall's update racked up over 750,000 likes within just 40 minutes of being posted, it's safe to say that it's causing Instagram a major stir. The post was less than an hour old before having been liked by celebrities including Hailey Bieber and Lele Pons.

Fan comments did seem to suggest a level of confusion, though. One fan asked if Kendall was "ok." Another mentioned the picture representing a "creep" staring at them. One user even spotted a resemblance to another major star.

"You look like @selenagomez in the second shot," they wrote.

The second picture does, indeed, seem a million miles from the first. Here, Kendall is seated on a bold-yellow couch holding a sunflower. Her composed look is polished, her dark locks are sleek, and she's managed to avoid the CCTV scenario. The first snap is likely the reason for the high engagement, though.

Kendall has 112 million Instagram followers. Fans wishing to see more of Kendall should follow her account or tune into weekly episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.