Karlie Kloss Flaunts Mile-Long Legs In Low Cut White Dress

Karlie Kloss has become a staple in the world of high fashion. However, the former Victoria's Secret Angel also knows how to rock sultrier attire, as she demonstrated in a recent photo she shared on Instagram. In the photo, Kloss is posing in front of an airplane in New York City, en route to some exotic destination. While some people choose to wear cozy clothes when they're embarking on a flight, Kloss has decided to go full glam, with jewelry, strappy stiletto sandals, and a low-cut white dress that allows her to showcase her mile-long legs.

Kloss, who got her start on the runway when she was just a teenager, is over 6 feet tall, which means she's got impossibly long legs that look amazing in shorter dresses. Although, with her model physique, she could make just about any article of clothing look amazing.

Many fans took to the comments to answer the question she asked in the photo's caption, suggesting that she was heading to hang out with Taylor Swift, or to the colorful trailer park showcased in Swift's latest music video. However, many just couldn't get over her assets, commenting "holy LEGS," "so elegant," and "bellissima." She definitely has a bit of an old Hollywood vibe with the outfit and make-up she's wearing in the photo.

Many got to know Kloss when she first began developing her strong friendship with pop star Taylor Swift. Others knew her from her many jobs in the fashion industry, where she's been in campaigns for countless major designers and graced the pages of countless magazines.

That's not all she's interested in, though. A few years ago, Kloss developed a fascination with coding and decided to teach herself to program. She shared her passion with Teen Vogue back in 2017.

"People don't always associate fashion with tech, but the intersection of these two industries is where I found my groove. Every day, I see technology become more important to both the business and creativity of fashion. I am fascinated by how code has transformed entire industries and powers so much of the technology that we rely on every day. I wanted to understand more about how tools and apps were developed."
She began taking coding classes to learn more about programming and quickly became passionate about getting other women involved in the industry. As she told Teen Vogue, "I quickly came to understand that code is a superpower every young woman should be able to access."