‘Playboy’ Model Sara Underwood In Tiny Bikini On The Beach

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Former Playboy model Sara Underwood is keeping things steamy on her Instagram page with yet another shot of herself in a skimpy bikini — this time, posing on a beach rather than in a forest. Underwood usually shares shots of herself in revealing tops while embarking on her cabin-building adventures, but sometimes she mixes it up to keep her 9.2 million Instagram followers happy.

Typically, Underwood keeps her photos fairly simple, taking selfies while she’s out and about. The shot she shared on Monday, June 17, however, was highly posed — and showed her flaunting all her curves.

In the picture, Underwood is posing on a beach at sunset, in a light that’s super flattering and magical. The view is from the side, which allows you to see her entire curvy physique. She’s wearing a strappy bikini in a nude tone, which almost gives the illusion that she’s not wearing anything at all. Her tousled hair with beachy waves just adds to the sultry look.

In the caption, Underwood shouts out to the person who edited the already incredible photo. It just goes to show what a major impact filters and other editing tools can have. While the original photo was likely stunning, the edited version is a total work of art.

It seems that Underwood just likes being outdoors, no matter what the scenario. Way back in 2008, shortly after she was crowned a Playmate of the Year by Playboy, she did an interview with Wakeboarding Magazine in which she shared her passion for the natural world.

“Yeah, I’m from a very small, country town, and I grew up loving the outdoors. Camping, boating, horseback riding, snowboarding.”

Given that so many Instagram influencers love posing at luxurious resorts or poolside at ritzy hotels, Underwood’s feed is a total breath of fresh air. She’s stunning, but the backgrounds of her photos are often as gorgeous as she is herself. It seems that she’s always hiking or in the mountains somewhere, and if she manages to take a vacation, it’s generally someplace with a beach or other beautiful scenery.

The woman definitely has a major case of wanderlust, and we wouldn’t be surprised if she embarked on a whole new project once her cabin-building adventure wraps up. She’s done hosting gigs before, such as her temporary gig on Attack of the Show, so perhaps she’ll host some kind of travel show — or maybe even start her own YouTube channel.