Britney Spears Flaunts Mega Cleavage, Works 'Gymnast' Moves To JLo's 'Booty' In Next To Nothing

Britney Spears is a bag of energy today. The 37-year-old has taken to Instagram for her latest workout update –and what an update.

On June 17, the Toxic singer updated her Instagram. The video was sending out an impressive athletic display, but Britney's killer body was right up there with it. This mother of two had her abs on show via a tiny orange sports bra. The cleavage-flaunting sports top likewise sent fans an eyeful at the video's start – Britney briefly filmed herself in selfie mode to introduce the workout. The camera more than took in her chest. Just as itsy-bitsy as the bra were the star's super-tiny green print shorts.

Britney didn't take long to get going. Her outdoor workout of dumbbell-lifting, kettlebell squats, high kicks, and leg lifts came with some well-known music – Jennifer Lopez's "Booty" track was playing loudly. Standing on her blue mat, Britney sent Instagram her world-renowned flexibility, strength, and endurance. She also referenced her "gymnast" past in her caption. Likewise mentioned was her boyfriend and personal trainer Sam Asghari. Britney wrote that she wished she could have his abdominal strength.

Fan comments have been giving the video the thumbs-up. Many, however, sent out messages of care – fans didn't seem to want Britney to overwork herself or feel that shape defines worth.

"YAS Legend! But don't worry about pounds. Work to look your best for YOURSELF, not because of the scale sis," one fan wrote.

"You are amazing just the way you are and don't let anyone put you down EVER! We love you" was another comment.

Britney's Instagram is now renowned for sending fans fitspo. This workout queen regularly shares her energetic sweat sessions – many come with the star's signature fast spins and gymnast-like moves. While celebrity workout videos aren't uncommon on social media, something about Britney's videos stands apart. Void of waist-trainers or fancy equipment, Britney opts for the old-fashioned grind. This muscle machine keeps her body in tip-top shape via crunches, skipping ropes, and the fierce dance moves she recreates on stage.Concern for Britney has been notable of late. While Britney has left the mental health facility she was admitted to earlier this year, fans have been worried about her stability. Given today's video, however, there doesn't seem to be much cause for concern. Britney looked happy, healthy, and in the zone.

Britney's super-sexy workout video racked up over 377,000 views within 45 minutes of going live. Fans wishing to see more of Britney should follow her Instagram.